How to Write a Blog Post like Pro:A Complete Beginners Guide

write a blog post

Content is the king.

Yes, I know you have heard this line hundreds of times since you are in this industry.

And it remains the vital truth.

Or you can say quality content is the king.

Having quality written content on your blog is an ultimate edge that pushes yourself ahead of others.

So you should learn how to write a blog post by maintaining quality to stay in the hunt.

But it is not so easy for a beginner.

Two main things that you should keep in mind while writing compelling blog posts.

1.It should solve your reader`s problems.

2.It has to be search engine friendly.

So these two are the big hurdles that you need to cross to come up with a piece of content.

Here I will show you an ultimate guide on how to write a quality article like a professional.

How to Write a blog post like A Pro

#1. Generate Blog Post Ideas:

Before start writing anything on paper or notepad you need a topic.

You can follow lots of techniques to come up with blog post ideas.

Quora: I personally think that every blogger should create an account on this Q & A based website.

Quora is not only a great place for finding blog topics but also a great platform for getting blog traffic.

Go to Quora and search for a topic that related to your blog.

write a blog post

Here you will find several questions on a subject. Select that one which received some answers. A good number of responses means it is a popular topic and you can write a blog post on it.

I highly recommend to everyone spent some quality times on Quora every day.

Follow Other Blog: This is may be the easiest ways to find topics for your next blog article.

Just keep an eagle’s eye on your competitor`s popular posts segment. Where you will find some excellent blog topics which were already got readers attention.

Wait I am not telling you to apply Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V formula here.

Let me explain what the actual way is…

1.Find topics which are already popular or ranked well on Google.

2.Make it even better than the original

3.Promote that like a mad man.

Did you hear this formula before?

I hope so.

Yes, I am talking about skyscraper technique here which was invented by the great Brian Dean.

This formula works for everyone if executed correctly.

So find excellent ideas and write an epic blog post.

Of course, there are many other ways to find blog post ideas.

#2.Search for Long Tail Keywords:

Using long tail keywords on your blog post is one of the easiest ways to rank on search engine.

I hope you know what long tail keywords are.

Keywords that has more than 3 words were called long tail keywords.

Yes, you also do need to focus on other search engine ranking factors though to rank well.

But long tail keywords give an edge to your blog post. When people make a search on google, they typically type more word that’s why 70% internet searches are coming from long tail keywords.

write a blog post

Why you should use long tail keywords:

1. It helps you to rank well on search engine.

2. Using long tail keywords increases your sales.

Yes, it brings quality targetted traffics from search engines and not to say it increases conversion rates.

So now you know the importance of using long tail keywords while writing a blog post.

Now the question is how to find these long tail profitable phrases.

Adwords Keyword Planner

For a beginner keyword planner should be the first choice to find long tail keywords.

i. Go to keyword planner tool and type your seed keyword into Your product or service box and click on get ideas. In this example, our seed keyword is “keyword research tools.”

ii. Click on Keyword Ideas. Here you will find lots of long tail keywords.

write a blog postAlways choose those keywords which had the good monthly searches and were low on competition.

It is nearly impossible to rank for those keywords which had high monthly searches. Top authority sites were already ranked for those keywords, and you will never beat them with a new blog.

I will suggest you write a blog post with those keywords which had between 100-1k monthly search volume.

Google Searches Related to:

This section is a goldmine for long tail keywords.

Go to google search and type your main keyword then scroll down below to the Google searches related to. Here you will find lots of ideas which are right LSI keywords.

My suggestion is to add keywords everywhere chrome extension. It will automatically show you the monthly searches for every keyword.

write a blog post

LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are crucial when you are writing a long, detailed article. It helps you to rank well on Google and keep your blog post away from keyword stuffing.

You can also use LSI graph which is an awesome tool for finding LSI keywords. You just need to enter your main keyword, and within seconds, it returns with various LSI keywords.

Now you have your main targetted and LSI keywords. It`s time to write a blog post by integrating them well. I will come later on this.

#3.Do Some Research by Yourself:

Once you stick to your next blog topic and also fixed your target keywords its time to do some research.

Before start writing, I always do some research on my keyword and topic.

Search your main keyword on Google and see what types of result coming out. Try to analyze the first 3-5 result to make your one better than those.

I always love to include original survey reports and statistics in my blog post. It helps to satisfy readers.

So it is not a bad choice to spend some time on researching. Research makes everything perfect.

#4. Write a Catchy Title:

According to some survey, 8 out of 10 people will don’t read your full article. They leave after reading only headlines.

So you have to make your headline special to encourage readers to click that. Blog post headline is a big weapon for bloggers because it reaches to millions of internet users.

According to Moz, as much as 500% traffic can vary based on the headline.

Tools that can help you to make a better headline:

1.Headline Analyzer: It makes your headline better. Just type your blog post title and click on analyze now. It will show you where you need to improve.

2.Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is a New York based news and online entertainment company. Here countless articles were published every day.

Just Go to BuzzFeed, and you will see numerous popular articles with some unique and catchy headlines. Select one or two which you think can be a good one for your blog post title.

Use the structure of those headlines, and I am sure you will come up with a fresh one.

Which kind of headlines did well:

1. Headlines with numbers perform well on social media. It also forcing readers to click your headline and read that to the end. According to Neil Patel blog post headlines with numbers gets 73% more social shares than others.

write a blog post

2. According to HubSpot headline between 8-12 words shared most on Twitter and headlines with 12 or 14 words gets more likes on facebook.

3. Google shows under 65 characters headline in its search result so make it short.

#5.Write an Attractive Intro:

So, after writing a sensational headline now, you have some readers. But wait, work still not done yet.

In this situation blog post intros played a huge role.

Now the question is how to create a blog post intro.

Blog post introduction is an opening paragraph of your article. A large percentage of readers do not scroll down to the below from intro. That’s why you also need to give more importance on introduction writing.

How to write a Killer Intro:

1. Start with an unusual question. This is the best way to start, and many experts recommend this too.

2.Write your first few paragraphs and sentences short. Starting para should not exceed more than 3 sentences.

3.Say in a nutshell what the article is and why one should read this.

4.Promise something to solve.

5.Not expand your intro too much. I think 100-200 words is ideal.

#6.Write Main body:

It’s time to write everything in detail which you think is necessary for your topic.

In this part of writing a blog article keep in mind your all LSI keywords which you have collected in your previous step. Use them in a natural way and don’t try to overuse. I think including one LSI keyword in every 100-150 words is a good practice.

Now come to the body structure of your main article.

My rule is dividing the main topic into some sub-topics.

Suppose you are writing on How to lose weight.

In the first part make a list of ways to lose weight. Then break them into some sub-headings with exercises and meal plans.

This way you can write a blog post in a detailed manner. It gives you the opportunity to include all your word into the post.

I always like to write long and detail blog post.

#7.Use keywords Properly:

Finding long tail keywords is just not enough to give you any rank on Google. By using them in a natural way you can get the maximum benefits.

Yes, you have to use your target keyword in appropriate places. It improves your on-page SEO.

Look at the below checklist to understand where you should put your target keywords:

write a blog post

  • In the title tag.
  • In the URL.
  • Try to include your main keyword in the first 100-150 words of your article.
  • Use your main keyword in one of your heading tag.
  • Use keyword into your image alt tag.
  • Include in the conclusion of your blog post.
  • Use naturally throughout the article and maintain keyword density in around 0.5-1.5%.

#8.Wrapping up with a bang:

In the end, try to summarize all your main topics into a conclusion para.

Ask your readers about the information that you provide is helpful for them or not.

Always end your article with encouraging your readers.

Ask your readers to put a comment and share your article with friends and colleagues.


As I always prefer to write the article with an open heart and mind. In the beginning, it is tough to write articles. I know how many hours it needs to spend on your writing.

Practice make the perfection.

You can improve your article writing with the tips that I share by practicing on a daily basis.

Don’t stop just start writing.

Good luck.

I think this article will help you to write a blog post more freely.

Let me know through the comment is this post helpful for you or not.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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  1. I’ve never worried much about search engine results. Instead, I use the issues that confound, interest, or delight my clients about which I will expound. And, expect (yes, I don’t hope) they will spread my words of wisdom around and yield the results (notoriety) I desire.
    Otherwise, I am in total concert with your advice, Riju
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  2. Hi Riju,

    This is my first visit on your blog. You have really exolained it very well. I am looking forward to work on all these tips for sure.

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  3. Hey Riju,

    Crafting a blog post which can bang on requires the efforts. You should keep the best keyword in your post to improve the SEO.

    The blog post ideas can be found anywhere. It depends on how you react to the content you see.
    The quality of the content is always what people seek.

    Great post indeed.
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