14 Words That Will Make Your Headline More Clickable

words to use in headline
The title of your post decides that how much exposure it will get in future. Yes, an awesome headline can give you as much as 500% more traffic to that content.
Finding a good title is not that easy because many factors will come into play.
There are many ways to make your headline extraordinary, and one of them is using catchy words.
Selected words can help you to create eye-catching titles for your blog. Here I have included few words to use in the headline to make it more clickable.
Sure this list will help you.

14 Words To Use In Headline For More Clicks


We all like secrets. If you’re going to offer something that was not known until now, the success of your post is assured.Of course, you have to fulfill your promise with a great post too.

Example: 10 Secrets that will make you earn huge money online.


Another word with a big attraction power. Similar to earlier when we heard that something is new can not resist the temptation to snoop.

Example: Top 10 New Android Smartphones Under 10k.


Now this one is the most powerful word to use in your blog title. It can really boost your headline. People always wanted to know how the things can be solved. After list post, if any word can attract you more I think that is “how”.

Example: How to Install WordPress on Hostgator in Less than 5 Minutes


We all like to feel special and when the title of a post we see the word exclusive, we can not resist the temptation to click.

Example: Exclusive SEO checklist for bloggers.

#5.Real Case:

Blog posts that involve actual cases and experiences attract us more. Whenever bloggers tell their own stories, really get a much higher percentage of visits and success.

Example: I increased my blog traffic by 278% in 3 months: Real case.

#6.Achievement or Success

Being able to discover something new attracts us greatly. So if we can include the word in our title of the blog post, certainly it attracts attention and gets to click.

Example: Make a Successful online business by applying these methods.


All the fun attracts us. We like to have fun and read articles, watch videos that make us feel good. Therefore, in our titles include the word funny is a way of inviting readers to go to our website page because they will have something to smile.

Example: 15 funniest internet videos for WhatsApp

#8.What, When and Where:

The titles of articles that involve questions are also very interesting because they include action. The blogger asks a question and the reader expects to find the answer to this issue along the post. This way a very interesting game is created between the blogger and the reader.

Example: What makes email marketing is a profitable investment sector?


List the things is also gives excellent results. You are currently reading a list post. In short, it is a way to limit the content. Lists give your readers the option to choose from.

Example: 21Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for 2016


To provide reasons for doing something always adds value to people who are undecided or seeking information on a topic. The word reasons give your title enough reason to click.

Example: 7 Great reasons to wake up early in the morning


Use this word to give answers. When people see this word within your post title, they think that proven tricks are here. It is enough for the readers to go past your headline and check the full content.

Example: 5 Tips to find a profitable niche to start blogging


The word itself explain all the attractiveness. Everyone wants to feel amazed. So by using this word you can easily make your headline powerful and clickable.

Example: 12 Amazing pictures taken at the right time


Finding answers is something we all want, but finding alternatives to equipment, software or any other things is a point that always brings much value to a post. We like to choose best one after comparing. Therefore, providing titles and items which offer different options is always attractive.

Example: 15 Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog.

#14.Steps or Ways

This word gives you the guarantee to solve your problem.When I saw steps in the title, it makes me pleased that now it will give me the solution.

Example: 5 Steps to becoming a great freelance writer.

Above mentioned words are really helpful when you are looking to create a catchy and clickable headline.

Do you think there are few other words which also have the same power then let me know through the comment. It will help me to extend this list in future.

Finally please share these words with everyone to help them.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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5 Responses

  1. I appreciate being able to read your article. This is my first time commenting and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the blog. The secret, Funny, Reasons, Tips, Amazing are the effective words to use in the headline for more clicks.

  2. Hey Riju,

    I liked your list.

    People get attracted when they see such words in the headlines of the blog posts. You can add a few more like surprising, proven, mesmerizing and more.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…21 Surprising Things To Know Before You Start A Blog.My Profile

    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hey Ravi,
      These are really awesome words. I will definitely update the list with these in future.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Minhaj says:

    Very informative.

    – Minhaj

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