7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

why you should use wordpress

I am a Big fan of WordPress and always write on it here. Although I don’t know much about other`s but undoubtedly WordPress is the best CMS platform for blogging.

If you are using WordPress, then you may already know why I am talking so much about it.

There are a lot of reasons to choose WordPress for your site. Here I include few of them.

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Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Blog

1. WordPress is Easy to Use

Yes, you don`t need to learn any coding or other functionality to handle it. Basic knowledge is enough to write a blog post on WordPress.

From installing to publishing, it is damn easy.

One can easily create and publish their content from here.

Suppose you need to make some words bold, or italic then just select and click on the icon that it has on the text editor.

Writing an article in WordPress is as easy as writing an email.

Customizing a WordPress site is also very simple.With a single click, you can install any theme and plugins to give a new look to your site.

2. WordPress Has Resources

WordPress is an open source content management system. Thousands of developers and designers working every day to make it better. It is a free platform to use, but they regularly update to give more security and versatility to users.

With WordPress, you don’t need to think about websites design.

There are thousands of free themes available on WordPress directory. From where you can choose your desire one. You can also install downloaded premium themes here.

It also has a broad range of plugins store. Plugins are very useful to make things easier. You can use as many plugins you want.

You can create menus so anyone can visit your page quickly. With this, you will also have many widgets which are the must for your blog. Just drag and drop those widgets to your desired place and use it.

Cool. Isn`t it?

3.Wordpress is SEO Optimized

With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about basic SEO functionalities. From here you can quickly optimize your WordPress blog for search engine.

Most importantly you can change the permalink structure and link structure. It gives you the power of changing the links according to your need, whether it will be dofollow or nofollow.

Plugins like Yoast SEO or All in one SEO optimize your posts for better ranking. With these plugins, you can simply improve your on page SEO every time before publishing an article.

Although this is not enough. You have to learn other off page SEO strategies for better ranking on Google.

4. WordPress is Safe

Once you started using WordPress, you will see after every few months on your dashboard that there is a new version of WordPress available and the system will ask you to update it.

Now why WordPress developers regularly update their products?

Because they want to give you more security than others. If there is any whole of risk from where hackers can strike they immediately shut that with a newer version.

So you don`t need to worry about the security of your WordPress site. Also, there are many other tricks and plugins available to make your site safe.

5.Wordpress is Mobile Optimized

You have to make your site mobile friendly today. Because a large number of visitors serve internet from their smartphone. Google also give priority to mobile responsive sites.

WordPress is mobile friendly. Yes, you don’t need to worry too much.

But how?

WordPress themes are very much responsive. So anyone can browse your site with tablets or smartphones very quickly.

It is also useful for readers satisfaction.

6. WordPress is The Boss

We are not saying it, the numbers shows it:

1.26% of all websites in the world are made by WordPress.

2.Over 76 million websites are under WordPress.

3.Nearly 60 million new blog posts were published every month with WordPress.

Now these stats will tell you that how popular it is and why you should also choose it for your site.

7.WordPress is Free

Last but not the least WordPress is completely free.

With wordpress.com you can create and run your blog for free. But if you want to create a self-hosted WordPress blog then have to buy a custom domain and web hosting service. It will cost just a few dollar.

So these are the top reasons that why you should use WordPress for your site. If you have any other reason to go with WordPress, then please share your views through comment.

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Riju Debnath

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