7 Types of Blog Posts that People Love to Read

types of blog postsAll types of blog posts are not able to bring the same kind of results for a blog.

Some are getting thousands of shares, hundreds of comments while others were unable to deliver expected result.

That’s why you need to think well before going to write every article.

I am not talking about quality here I am discussing on kind of post categories that enforce readers to read your full article.

Yes, you have to write quality articles but at the same time it also important to know that what people love to read.

There are many types of blog content which are performed well these days for almost every blog.

In this post, I am going to share with you some of those and also I have enough reasons that why these are the best.

Kindly note these are only for your readers not for search engine.

7 Types of Blog Posts That Everyone Loves

1.List posts

List posts have its own demand.

Blog post headlines with numbers get more social shares and readers attention.

So, if you are going to write an article on getting blog traffic with few different tactics then make your headline like “10 ways to increase blog traffic” not like “Increase your blog traffic”

There is no specific number that can do the magic but longer will be better. Well, to improve list posts you can explain each item thoroughly if you are creating a short list but for long list 3-4 sentence explanation will be perfect.

I think it also depends on that particular topic. When you are covering any large topic like blogging tools, popular dogs make it with 40, 50 or even 100.

Now it`s up to you. Remember that including unnecessary topics in your list will create no value for your readers. So, be careful.

2.How to guides

Do you know when people take the help of google most?

You are right when they facing any problem or trying to find any answer.

People like you and me heavily depend on the internet to find our answers these days.

Specially, bloggers, how to posts are bread and butter for us.

That’s why these types of blog posts are so popular among the bloggers.

A new blogger will search for how to create a blog, how to install WordPress, how to install google analytics etc.

While an intermediate will need an article badly on how to earn money from your blog.

Recently I was searching for a guest blogging guide and found this post. It was really an awesome article it gives me all the required answers related to guest blogging. This is also a perfect example of how to guide posts.

Everyone is in a hurry to solve their problems and why not this is the reality. You have to solve your problems as soon as possible if you want to keep things under control.

If you are a new blogger then I am sure you already know that how important how to guides are.

Now think about your readers they also came to your site to learn how to do something special.

A perfect detailed how to blog post convert your readers into your fans. It`s not only good for readers but also it helps to increase your knowledge and experience on that particular topic.

These types of blog posts are not easy to create because you need to do that by yourself first then you can write something on that.

You can’t put your ideas here, only proven steps are allowed for inclusion.

So make sure before going to write any how to guides you have already done that for yourself.

Earn enough knowledge and then write.

3.Case Studies

Case studies are mainly based on when something miracle happens after applying any special strategy or technique.

These posts are more popular in blogging niche. Every blogger loves to read case studies because they want to do that which already brings positive results for anyone.

Let me show you an example of a white hate SEO case study from Backlinko. In this post, Brian covers how Emil Shour of SnackNation ranked #1 in google.

This post was already received 720 comments, 612 tweets, and 863 facebook likes till now.

This is the magic of pure and detailed case studies has.

These types of article writing are not easy though it needs more times than a general blog post takes. You need to collect all the necessary databases, real statistics and complete information on that whole process.

So if you think that it is quite possible for you and also you have the topic then go for it. You will definitely get the price.


Interview posts are not only people love to read but it is also an awesome way to get some traffic to your blog.

Everybody loves to read success stories of their idols, role models.

Recently I saw a nice interview with Brian Dean at Bloggingcage which I think helped Kulwant Nagi and his readers very much.

Interviews are so effective for not only readers but also for blog owners. An interview article is a step which can take your blog close to an authority level.

These types of blog posts also have some other advantages too…

  • It is an easy way to make a relationship with someone who is already successful in your industry.
  • Interviews are takes less time. You don`t ned to work much on writing,  keyword research, appropriate image search. With a minimum of effort, it can bring maximum benefits for your blog.
  • It makes your job easy to promote because when you publish something which is based on someone`s life then it is obvious that he or she will also share that.

This will be enough to get a decent amount of readers.

So try to grab this.

Make a list of some of the great blogs which you like and try to contact them.

Only hard part of making interview posts is you need to reach out to that person.

Once they get your request will surely reply you. Believe me, they all are kind hearted people who love to help others.

I am not doing any interview till now on my site but some of them are already helped me by sharing my article on social media sites.


In recent time infographics are more popular than others. These types of content shared more on social media sites by readers.

According to HuffingtonPost they found after analyzing 100 million blog posts on BuzzSumo that infographics are shared most.types of blog posts

Now you know that how popular an infographics are.

You can create several types of blog posts with infographics. But remember that all kind of infographics will not bring the same result for you.

Create infographics with perfect color, size, amount of words and most importantly according to your niche topic.


All the visual blog posts are getting popular with times. Blog posts with images, infographics are today shared most on all top level social media sites.

But videos are not far away too in fact according to Syndacst report 74% of the total internet traffic will be from videos in 2017.

Now that’s will be a crazy percentage, isn’t it?

So it will be better to start your video marketing as soon as possible.

All top level authority sites already started their video campaign.

Why videos are getting so popular these days will you have any idea?

Well, social media might be a reason.

Another reason that I think is because of smartphones. We are now heavily depending on smartphones and tablets.

Now comes to the video creation. If you want to create videos for your online business then you need to invest. Because quality also matters here. You have to come up with high-resolution videos with quality sounds.

So, start uploading videos on youtube and linking them with your appropriate blog post.


I think you know that why review posts are demanding.

Because everyone wants to know all the pros and cons of a product that they want to purchase as simple as that.

I personally like the reviews of comparison between multiple products in a single category.

If you are running a tech blog then reviews of smartphones, tablets, watches are the must for you.

In blogging niche here are also has a bunch of products to review like; Premium Themes, Webhosting services, Ad networks, Best email services, WordPress plugins plus more.

Review posts are not only good for readers but it also helps to grow your online business. Because people will buy more from you if they find a complete information on that product. Don’t forget to show cons of a product with positives.

Reviewing any product needs plenty of knowledge and it shows the expertise that you have.

Conclusion: Sothese are some of the most popular blog content categories that everyone including me loves to read and hope you too.

If you give more priorities to write blog articles on which I mentioned above then you will get better results that`s for sure.

One last thing that you need to remember that all these types of blog posts create more value for your readers only when you add quality on them.

Because quality is the new king.

Hope you like this post and don’t forget to share knowledge with others.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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