8 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

speed up wordpress site

Do you want to speed up WordPress site?

Loading speed of any website is so important today.

Google has announced that site speed played a crucial role in website ranking on search engine. Google has regularly updated its algorithms to give better result to users.

Not only search engine but also users love to browse the fast sites. People will leave your site if it takes too many times to open. According to MunchWeb, 75% users did not visit again if any site takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Now the question is how to speed up a WordPress site.

If you are a WordPress user then read this full article because here I include 8 simple and easiest ways to improve your site loading speed.

First of all, check your site`s speed by using Pingdom or Google page speed insight tool.

How to Speed up WordPress Site

1.Install A cache Plugin:

Caching can speed up your WordPress site.

There are many cache plugin available in WordPress plugin directory but i like W3 Total Cache. It works pretty well after well customizing. W3 Total Cache gives you page caching option along with browser caching, object caching and database caching.

You can compress your pages with Gzip. Videos and images make your pages heavier and larger. W3 Total cache has the Gzip feature to compress your pages to load faster.

I personally use this plugin for my site.

2.Use a CDN Service:

Content Delivery Network in short CDN is a network of servers which deliver web contents to the user according to their locations.

Suppose a user browsing your website from New York and your main server is hosted in the London.

In generally the user accessing your site from the main server.

CDN service spread servers to all over the world. Now when  users tried to view your website from New York then they will redirect to the nearest server in the USA. This whole process improves the load time of any website.

This whole process improves the load time of any website.

There are many CDN services available today but Max CDN and CloudFlare are the best at the moment.

Basically, when your site is new and does not have too many traffic then you don`t need any CDN service. But once you started to receiving thousands of visitors you can start using a CDN service.

3.Optimize Your Database:

WordPress database saves all your site content. These are blog posts, pages, comments, theme settings, plugin settings etc.

With time your database size will increase. A heavy and large database can slow down your WordPress site. To speed up WordPress site you should optimize your database.

You can find your database table from phpMyAdmin.

To optimize your WordPress database go to your Webhosting cpanel>phpMyAdmin. Now check all boxes then select optimize table from the drop down menu and click on go.

speed up wordpress site

That’s it.

You can also optimize your WordPress database with a plugin called WP-Sweep. Install and activate the plugin then go to tools>sweep from WordPress dashboard. From there you can optimize databases by cleaning up all the unnecessary data.

4.Optimize Images:

Images are very useful today for your blog post. Using appropriate images throughout the articles can make them more engaging. Because people love to view visual things.

At the same time, too many images can hurt your site loading time.

By compressing images you can solve this problem. Compressing images make them low in size but quality remains the same.

To compress images, you can use TinyPNG. This is a website based tool. Just upload all the images and it will automatically compress them. You need to download those to use them for your blog post.

Another way to automatically compress images for WordPress users is Wp SmushIt plugin. This is one of the most essential WordPress plugins for beginners.

5.Make Your Site Mobile Friendly:

First of all, check your WordPress sites mobile friendliness. Go to Google mobile-friendly test tool and enter your URL then click on analyze.

Now it will show the score of mobile friendly-ness. If your site scores low then you need to optimize your site to make it mobile friendly.

First of all, you need to use a responsive theme for your site. I always recommend to use premium WordPress theme for your site.

I find MyThemeShop themes are very affordable and responsive.

There are also many other ways to make your blog mobile friendly. You can simply use Jetpack and WP Touch plugins to make your site mobile friendly.

Once you have done all it will improve your site loading speed on mobile.

6.Optimize Your Homepage:

Your site homepage played a crucial role for your visitors. That’s why optimizing your homepage to make fast so important.

First of all, you need to choose a simple and professional design for your homepage.

Other things that can improve your homepage loading time:

  • Don’t show full posts on your homepage only use excerpts.
  • Remove unnecessary widgets from your homepage.
  • Include less posts on your homepage. I like to show 3-6 posts.

7.Delete Unnecessary Themes and Plugins:

Using too many plugins can slow down your WordPress site loading speed.

To improve page speed of your WordPress site just use those plugins which are most useful. Delete all inactive plugins and themes to speed up WordPress site.

Another thing that you can do is use latest updated version of plugins and themes. It is not only good for improving site speed but also good for site security.

8.Choose a Reliable Webhosting:

Selecting a good web hosting service for your self-hosted WordPress site is a tough thing. Because a poor hosting service can affect your growth from many ways. A bad Webhost can also cause poor loading speed of your WordPress site.

After applying all the above-mentioned methods if you still not satisfy with the site speed then it`s time to change your Webhosting service.

I always recommend Bluehost because it is the perfect platform for WordPress site. It was specially optimized for WordPress.

You can book your Bluehost Shared hosting plan from here at $3.49 per month.

Conclusion: So I think the above-mentioned techniques can surely decrease your site`s loading time.

There are also many other ways to speed up WordPress site. But if you have a comparatively new site and low traffic then these methods are enough.

So let me know through the comment how do you make your WordPress site super fast.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

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Riju Debnath

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  1. Utham says:

    Great Post… Will try these tips on my site. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Great tips for speeding up your wordpress site, Photoshop or Lightroom is perfect for optimizing photos to a smaller filesize.

  3. Hey, Riju Debnath

    Awesome points you’ve got here. If you wish to have a successful blog, you have to start from user experience. This is great post with excellent tips for speeding up WordPress websites, so thanks for sharing. Good tips!

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  4. AArti says:

    Awesome post, – genuinely one of the best site speed related posts I’ve read.

  5. Thanks for this another great article, 20% of a ranking factor in search engines depends on web sites speed and to achieve success in blogging your website must holds a quick loading speed.

    Very informative post. thanks for sharing.
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  6. Thanks Riju sharing this useful tips for make wordpress site load faster. Its importance since having an eCommerce wordpress site it must work faster. Definitely will try to implement this tips.

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    This is one of the best post i have read on the topic of speeding up wordpress site

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    I am facing page speed issues in my blog and looking for some cool tips to improve page speed and then discover this article. Thanks for sharing these tips in such simpler way. Keep up the good work.
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  10. I have a Question Guys Some of the people are buying links to improve their seo in a short time is this Good or bad for Long term Blogging ?
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    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hi Neha,
      I don`t think buying cheap backlinks are good for long term. Bloggers should give priority on building natural and quality backlinks.
      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Always a good idea to optimize your images via Photoshop and reduce the filesize and the image qulity for faster loading times.
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