On Page SEO Techniques That Beginners Must Follow

on page seo techniques

Do you want to rank higher on search engine result?

Of course, you want.

Then check out my on page SEO techniques. These will definitely help you to get higher ranking on SERP.

Here I include all the best possible on page search engine optimization tips for beginners.

On Page SEO Techniques for Beginners

1. Use Keyword on Title Tag:

Yes, title tag probably the most important part where you need to focus more to get readers from the search engine.

I always try to use my main keyword in the title tag. It helps google to understand what the page is actually.

So always try to use your main keyword in the title and of course use as soon as possible.

2.Use Keyword Rich Short URL:

You can say when some of the experts using long URL structure for their blog post then why should I go with short.

Don’t compare with them because those are the authority sites and they had thousands of quality backlinks.

As a newbie blogger, I  will recommend you to use short and keyword rich URL. You can use your main keyword in URL to make it more actionable.

3.Write Long  In Depth Article:

Writing short article doesn’tt make any good effect on search engine ranking. That`s why you should always focus on article`s length. There is always a better opportunity of using LSI keywords, heading, subheadings in a lengthy post.

Long form of articles are not only good for search engine but it also performs well in social media.

People also love to read and share in-depth blog posts because it gives them more detail information.

Although 1500-2000 words blog posts perform well. But if you have just started then try to write at least 500-700 words articles on your blog.

4.Use Your Main Keyword Within First 100-150 Words:

All the top level blogging experts recommend beginners to use their main keyword within the first 100-150 words of your blog post.

It helps readers to understand what the article is about.

5.Keep Your Title Under 70 Characters:

Using short URL is a good option at the same time making your title short is also crucial.

Google shows 70 characters of a whole headline on its search result. So it will be good to make your title  under that limit. So people can see the full headline of your article.

6.Use Heading Tag H2 and H3:

Generally, the title tag goes to H1 if you are a WordPress user. Apart from this, you should also use H2 and H3 tags within your blog post.

Using keywords in those tags make them more useful.

It will improve your SEO value that’s for sure. Not only for SEO but it also good for readers.

Heading subheadings make your article more engageable for readers.

7.Stay Away From Keyword Density:

Although it is good to maintain a good keyword density in your blog post. But if you are a beginner then I will say you to stay away from it.

Many newbie bloggers make bad use of keywords which can hurt them. So stay away from keyword stuffing and use targetted keywords naturally.

8.Use Keyword on Meta Description:

Meta description is no more remain a major search engine ranking signal. But this is crucial for readers because google shows the meta description as summaries of every blog post that comes on search result page.

You should make your meta description under 150-160 words and include at least one keyword in it to make it more actionable. It will increase your CTR.

9.Interlink Your Own Pages:

Interlinking own pages throughout your blog post is an important on page SEO techniques.

This way you can force the search engine to crawl and index all your relevant pages easily. There is also some other advantages of interlinking. It improves your site bounce rate.

But don`t overdo it. Only link to relevant pages . I think 2-4 inbound link is good for SEO.

10.Outbound Links:

Outbound links are which pointing from your site to another site. It helps google to understand your niche.

It also improves the trust and quality of your site. Outbound links are good for seo and building a solid relationship with other bloggers which is a great thing.
Don’t forget to inform the site owner that you linkback to them.

Always link out to those sites which have a good DA, PA, and Alexa rank. Most importantly always link out to the trusted sites.

It’s good to link out to relevant sites. Don`t include too many links in a single post. Just link out naturally.

11.Use Optimized Images:

Images are very important for your blog. Visual things always help readers to understand your word more easily.

In terms of search engine, optimized images can bring huge benefits for your site. It can give traffic to your site through google image search.

You can optimize images by adding keywords as image alt tag.

12.Speed Up Your Website:

Google has already stated that site speed today has some crucial role in search engine ranking.

Users also love to browse fast sites.

You can make your site fast by using a CDN service, caching your site, compressing images, choosing a fast reliable hosting.

You can use W3Total cache plugin to improve the speed of your WordPresss site. It really works pretty well.

13. Update Your Old Posts Regularly:

Google always wants to give the fresh and updated result to its users. That’s why you need to maintain consistency with the frequency of publishing.

It’s hard to produce fresh content on your site regularly. So when you are not publishing regularly keep updating your old contents.

Adding fresh topics to your old blog posts always help to improve your search appearances.

On-Page SEO Best Practices

From Visually.


So these are the must have on page SEO techniques that you can use to improve your search result.

Which are the other that I missed to include here.

Just let me know through the comment.

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