12 Awesome Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Zero Knowledge on SEO

get traffic to your blog

Do you want to get traffic to your blog without SEO or Google?

If yes then read this complete article right till the end. 

It is tough to bring enough visitors to a new blog.

Isn`t it?

I know most of you who started their blogging journey recently would say yes.

Getting traffic to a new blog is the toughest job for a newbie blogger there is no doubt about that.

Although there are lots of ways of getting visitors but the most important traffics are organic which are coming from search engines like Google, Bing, Alexa, etc.

For a newbie blogger, it takes some time to get search engine visitors. Because without proper search engine optimization, you will be unable to rank on Google or any other search engines.

That’s why you need to learn lots of on page and off page SEO tricks. It is a long-term course. You need to practice every day to becoming an expert.

But at the same time while learning SEO, your blog also need a minimum amount of traffic.

In 2016, there are many awesome platforms available from where you can bring traffic to your blog without having any knowledge of SEO.

Today I am going to discuss on few of them which can really help you.

Keep reading….

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog without SEO


get traffic to your blog

I know you like it. Facebook is today scheduled in our daily routine.

It is the largest social media platform in the world.

Nearly 1.5 billion people use Facebook, and it will increase with the time.

Think if you can be just able to bring(point) some percent of users from this immense numbers into your blog then count how much it will be.

According to Shareaholic Facebook drives 24.63% of overall traffic to websites. 

how to get traffic

That’s why Facebook should be the first choice to get traffic to your blog.

There are plenty of ways to spread your blog posts on Facebook.

 Facebook Groups: Yes Facebook groups are one of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic even if you have a new blog.

Go to facebook.com and search for blogging+groups, blog+groups, bloggers+groups and you will find several groups. Join few and share your every post after publishing on your blog.

Select only those groups which are related to your topics and had some decent members.

Keep engage with group members and put some comments on relevant posts.

And one last thing, before going to post read terms and conditions of that group carefully. Because some groups did not allow members to promote their own articles.

 Facebook Fan Page:  I think you should create a Facebook page for your blog straightway after started blogging. You can even create it before launching your blog.

Yes, pages are mostly helpful when you have a decent number of followers. So, after creating your page try to increase likes as much as possible.

You can add a Facebook like box on your blog sidebar to make it easy for the readers to reach your page.

Share your page link in Facebook groups and on other social networking sites where you are an active user.

More you get likes will bring more visitors into your blog.

You can also try Facebook ads to promote your page with a cheap budget.

If you do not have a good number of followers still, you can get benefits from your Facebook page.

Just share your several articles on multiple times of a day.

Don’t forget to share others articles too. Keep an 80:20 rule while sharing on the Facebook page.


Twitter is my favorite among the social media sites. Because it has genuine users.

Create a Twitter account and follow others from your fields. It will help to get followers on your account. More followers you have more your site’s appearance will increase.

Share all your posts just like other social networking sites. Not only your`s but also share others content it will make a good relationship with fellow bloggers.

Use a link shortener tool and always remember to put #(hashtags) before keywords.

Add appropriate image along with text while tweeting anything. Because research has shown that tweet with images are clicked more.


If you can able get traffic to your blog from google plus then I am sure you has a good reputation on this platform.

Am I right?

I hope so.

You can bring visitors from google plus even if you don`t have a good number of followers.

My site is now getting some views from google plus. And even better compared to Facebook or Twitter.

And the coolest part is that I don’t have any followers on my google+ page.

You will think what the real trick is?


I just share my every article on Google+ plus page and some of the most appropriate google plus communities. That’s it.

So, without doing any significant hard work you can get traffic to your blog from here.

That’s why I include this on my list.

It brings good traffic without having any followers.

Really fantastic isn`t it?

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting also a great way to bring traffic and build a relationship with other bloggers.

A perfect commenting strategy can make a huge impact on your blog.

Neil Patel generated $25000 from 249 comments.

how to increase blog traffic

Select authority blogs in your niche and subscribe their RSS feed or email newsletter to get the latest post update as soon as possible.

Because your target should be to come up with the first 5-10 comment.

Remember only give useful comments don’t just put “excellent article,” “Nice post,” “thanks for sharing” etc., etc.

With commenting, you can also get backlinks to your site. Although most of them are no-follow but yet important.

Guest Blogging

I never tried this, but I think guest blogging is a great resource for getting traffic to your website.

Guest posting on popular blogs not only help you to get traffic to your blog but also helps to set up yourself as an authority blogger in your niche.

This way you can able to serve your blogging skills into a large number of audience.

Sounds great right?

But it is not as easy as it looks.

You have to make really great articles to convince the author of that site to accept your post.

Make a list of some of the big blogs in your niche which have a huge number of visitors and try to post on their site.


Social Bookmarking

You will find hundreds of social bookmarking sites from the google search.

But I don’t think you will need all of them.

Which I found useful for getting visitors is…

 i.Stumbleupon:  Stumbleupon is a great high PR social bookmarking site from where you can get targeted visitors into your new blog.

Using right strategy is important because social bookmarking sites don’t allow spammers.

That’s why if you want results then share others quality blog articles more than yours. It will be good if you share your best post with StumbleUpon.

Be consistent and don’t add one link twice.

 ii.Reddit:  This is Another great bookmarking sites for bloggers and one of the most important one. Because Reddit can give you huge referral visitors.

The Same rule is also here, be a genuine user and don’t be a spammer. Read their rules and regulations carefully before going to promote your blog post.

The main trick is to find appropriate subreddits according to your subject.

Read this complete step by step guide on how to do Reddit from Quicksprout.

how to increase blog traffic

 iii.Tumblr:  Tumblr is you all know that a popular microblogging platform but it is also can be handy to generate traffic to your blog.

Tumblr is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog by sharing your post with its large number of users.

It’s like you starting a new blog. Just create an account chose a perfect and simple theme and start sharing.

This is too easy.


Do you love interview articles?

I hope so.

People like you and me always love to read success stories.

That’s why after starting a blog and it will be great if you can able to find someone who already established his/her blog successfully.

It helps to make your blog as an authority in your niche. 

Viral Content Buzz

how to increase blog traffic

This is a free platform from where you can share your blog posts for getting the maximum benefits.

With the viral content buzz, you can able to get more social shares of your articles.

It is an interesting way to promote your blog post and also an active place from where you can get visitors.

Because you have to earn points by sharing others content if you want to share your own product.

So, just sign up and visit regularly to get traffic to your blog.

Skyscraper Technique

It was invented by the great Brian Dean of Backlinko.com.

how to increase blog traffic

This technique is an amazing way to multiply your traffic in no time.

What is skyscraper techniques:

Skyscraper is made with 3 molecule

  1. Find the influential topics that already perform well.
  2. Make it even better than the original one.
  3. Reach out to a large number of right people.

Here is the case study from Backlinko where you can find all the details on skyscraper technique.

Give it a try it really works.

Online Forums

If you are a serious internet user then you probably know what is an online forum is.

Online forums are used to start making discussion with its member by posting new topics.

Go to google search and select perfect forums to start. Warriorforum and Traffic Planet are the two great platform in my niche.

Online forums are great platforms from where you can get traffic to your blog and also earn some quality backlinks.

Take a look at this video from Quicksprout from where you can find the actual way to drive traffic from forums.


get traffic to your blog

Flipboard was first launched as a magazine type feed reader app for only iPad users, but now it is also available for the Android and desktop version.

With the time from a content reading app, it turns into an awesome way of getting blog traffic.

So at first, you need to learn that how to use Flipboard to get traffic to your site. Remember the users of Flipboard are all professional. So it will be a good source of targeted visitors.

Just select interesting topics and complete your profile setting after signing up with Flipboard.

Then you need to create your own new magazines according to your blog’s category and start curating content.

Quality also matters here. Always curate valuable articles so that people will follow your magazine.


hand-589488_640 (1)

Youtube is the largest online video store and second biggest search engine. You will find any kind of videos here.

It is a high traffic website from where you can get traffic to your blog.

Create a Youtube account and start making high-quality videos related to your niche. Don`t forget to put a link to your site in the video description and use them on your site with text.

Optimize your videos well to get views from Google. Try to promote as much as possible on social media sites for maximum exposure.

Remember that videos are the next big thing. Many surveys suggest that a high percentage of web traffic will be from videos in coming years.


Now it`s up to you to implement above tips into your routine.

This discussion is on how to get visitors from several platforms without doing search engine optimization. But it doesn`t mean that SEO has no important.

I think a proper combination of SEO and these tips can make a blog successful.

Hope it will help you.

Let me know via comments do you use these platforms to get traffic to your blog.

And if you like this post don’t forget to share.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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  1. Great list.
    I forgot about my flipboard activities. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Riju,

    A great list of some very useful techniques to increase blog traffic. Personally I find blog commenting very effective. This also helps you to build a connection with others sharing the same passion and interest as you. Hope to explore Flipboard soon.

    Thanks for such an elaborate share. Take care 🙂

  3. Hello Riju Debnath,

    Really loved the article. You inserted value in it. you standardized your writing. Impressive enough. amazing tool for social media management.

    Happy Blogging 🙂 I really loved it…Thanks a lot dear 🙂

  4. charan says:

    nice guide on getting traffic from different sources , but the main profitable traffic from search engine. blog commenting is the best only which is related to your blog otherwise no use.. but to get referral traffic you have mentioned best social media platforms, some media sites am using and getting lots of followers.. thanks for sharing mate!

    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hi Charan,
      Nice to see you back on my site.
      Yes organic visitors are more profitable than others.
      To have a good number of followers on social media is great. Because social media is the new seo.
      Social sites are not only the best place for refferal traffic but google also gives peiority to social shares.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Hi Riju,

    Loved reading the blog post. Nice explanation and you have shown almost all the ways to get traffic. I would like you to include Quora in the list too as many bloggers are getting hundreds of visitors from Quora.

    Thank you.

    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hi Imran,
      Thanks for coming to my site and giving your feedback.
      Yes Quora is an awesome platform too. I will definitely update this post with Quora in near future.

  6. Bhajan says:

    Yea. Nice post search engin traffic is always targeted traffic. But it’s not easy to get high rank in google easily. But if we proper use our keyword, title etc over time we will get it
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  7. Great list.
    I forgot about my flipboard activities.
    Mansoor Bhanpurawala recently posted…How to use Google Webmaster Tool to analyze your SEO performance?My Profile

  8. Govind says:

    Great list and explained beautifully, i have been using flipboard from last one month and still looking to drive traffic.

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