Add Google Analytics to Website:A Complete Guide for WordPress User

add google analytics to website

Want to know your blog’s traffic statistics?

Add an analytical tool to your blog. There are many free tools available.

Want to know more accurate traffic statistics?

Then add google analytics to website.

Google analytics is a free tool from google which tracks any websites traffic and also shows those statistics.

Google analytics produce more accurate stats of website`s traffic than others. That’s why  google analytics is always a better option for website owners.

After all, knowing site stats is an important element to make your blog successful. We all are working hours to get traffic to blog. Without traffic, a site is like nothing.

Google analytics can also help you to find your target audience.

So, if you are a beginner and want to blog seriously then start using google analytics.

Today in this post I will show you how to add google analytics to your WordPress blog.  After Setting up WordPress it is one of the essential things that you should do.

So keep reading…..

Before get started let`s see some important stats that google analytics deliver.

How many unique visitors your site getting: A visitor is a person who lands on your site for  at least a session. It shows the result of every single day including new and returning visitors.

How many page views your site getting: Page views means how many pages of your site was viewed by your visitors. Google analytics counting the page views which also including the repeated views of a single page.

Location of  your visitors: It is a geographical stats that google analytics gives you. Your visitors are coming from which country it shows that exact locations and numbers.

From where your visitors linked from: This section is most important according to me. Because here you will find from which platforms( ex- search engine, other websites, social media sites, etc) your site visitors are coming. It shows the numbers from every single platform differently.

Which article people liked most: Your site has several articles but which are the most clicked by your audience. Google analytics show you which of your articles are performing well and which are not. It will help you to understand that which types of blog posts that you need to deliver.

Many other statistics that google analytics track such as which browser did your readers using. How many of your visitors are coming from mobile devices and which devices they are  using.

How to add google analytics to website

Now let`s see how you can install google analytics

1. Go to google analytics signup page by signing with your Gmail account.

2. Click on sign up. Your Sign up page will look like below image.

how to add google analytics3. Next, select Website option from Website and Mobile app and fill out rest of the form with required information.

how to add google analytics

  • Account Name: Give any name that you want.
  • Website Name: Enter your site name. ( Like; bloggerscampus )
  • Website URL: Here you need to give your website complete URL ( like;
  • Reporting time zone: Select your time zone according to your country from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on Get tracking code to get google analytics tracking code.

5. Accept google terms and services by clicking on I agree. A page will appear with your google analytics tracking code. Copy this code to your notepad.

how to add google analytics

Once you have the tracking code. Now you just need to add this code into your site to setting up google analytics.

There are plenty of ways to add google analytics tracking code in a WordPress blog. Here I have included few of them.

#1. By Using Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is a tool that helps website owners to manage their sites tags. It can be also used to add google analytics tag on your site.

To do this you need a google tag manager account.

If you don`t have a google tag manager account then let`s create it first….

i. Go to Google Tag Manager signup page by signing with your Gmail account.

ii. Sing up for free on google tag manager.

iii. Add a new account: Here you need to provide 2 things

how to add google analytics

  • Account name: Give your site name( like; bloggerscampus) and click on continue.
  • Container name: Provide your website name (like; and select the web option from below. Click on create.
  • Click on create.

iv. Now you will have your container code on next pop up page and you need to put this code into your website. Just copy and save this code to a notepad. Leave this page open and follow the below steps…

You can add GTM container id on your website by opening your theme editor. But if you are a beginner here is the easiest method to do this.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard>Plugins>Add new. Install DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress and activate it

how to add google analytics

  • Click on Settings>WP google tag manager. Enter the container code which you have found in above step. Here you need to put the code which looking like GTM-XXXXX.
  • Click on save.

So, GTM container code is now entered on your site. Now let`s add google analytics to website.

v. Go to Google tag manager>click on add new tag>select google analytics and follow the below steps…

how to add google analytics

  • Select Universal analytics.
  • Put the google analytics tracking code which you have saved on your notepad. The code that you need to enter will look like ‘UA-XXXXXXXX-X.
  • Next, Select all pages
  • Click on Create tags

add google analytics to website

vi. Finally, Publish your new tag.

That’s it you are all done. This is how you can install google analytics on WordPress through Google tag Manager.

The whole method will look like critical if you are a beginner. But don’t skip this because using both google tag manager and google analytics are important for your site.

But if you really want a simple way to install google analytics then keep following…

#2. By Using Your Theme

Go to your WordPress dashboard>appearance>editor.

  • Click on header.php from the right sidebar. Before doing any changes here please save complete header.php file on your notepad or wherever you want.
  • Now put all your google analytics tracking code right after the body tag and click on update file. See the image below.

add google analytics to website

#3. By Using Plugin

This is the easiest ways to add google analytics to website specially if you are WordPress user.

add google analytics to website

  • Go to analytics plugin settings>click on authenticate with your google account and enter that authenticate code. If you want to do it manually then you can do it. Click on save changes.

Now to check your site stats go to google analytics dashboard. Also, you can install WP Google Analytics Dashboard plugin to see  stats on your WordPress dashboard.

That’s it, you can choose any one method from the above three options. I use Google Tag Manager for my site to install google analytics. If you are a beginner then use Plugin or Google tag manager. Don’t make any changes on your theme.

If you are a WordPress user then I hope above methods will help you to add google analytics to website.

Let me know did you found any trouble while installing google analytics and if you like this post please don’t forget to share with others.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

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