4 Free Plugins For WordPress to Improve The Visual Appearence of Your Blog Post

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There are many free plugins for WordPress available which can really improve the visual aspect of your blog. And believe me, good visual appearance is the key today to improve the engagement of your readers.

Many of us use a premium template which had certain options to insert shortcodes to display your content in a much more attractive way.

But if you don`t have any then this article for you. Here I’ll show you some plugins which can really give a more personal and visual touch to your pages and articles. With these, you can create columns, tabs, price tables, insert icons , and so on.

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4 Free Plugins for WordPress to Improve the Visual Appearance

Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes

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This plugin is really good to insert elements such as buttons, colored boxes, progress bars, apply effects to images, add columns, etc.

The Best part is that it have hundreds of icons which you can add anywhere within your blog post. And not only that, you can easily change the size and color of these icons. It is very easy to use this plugin.

This plugin adds to your text editor another bar as you see below.

When you click on any of these new buttons it will appear a pop up with several options, depending on what you have selected. It’s a matter of try different options until you get the desired look.

There are all kinds of shortcodes you can insert and combine them. Look at all that you can insert:

  • Icons in the header
  • Eyelashes
  • Boards
  • lists
  • Images “responsive”
  • Notification messages
  • Pop-over
  • Buttons
  • panels
  • Progress bars
  • Tags
  • boxes
  • Sliders

Shortcodes Ultimate

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This is the best free plugins for WordPress to add visual things to your blog post. It has a lot of shortcodes as well as a number of icons to add different elements.In  addition, the ability to have to control these shortcodes and icons (change position, color, size, etc.) which are also very wide.

To use, once installed then just click on the new insert shortcode button that you will see in the WordPress text editor.

A popup window will open where you can select the code that you want to insert.

best free plugins for wordpress

It has the option to filter items from the top of the pop -up. Another feature that I love is the ability to see the preview of the element before inserting it.

Olevmedia Shortcodes

plugins for wordpress free

This plugin is rather basic when compared to the previous two, but you can insert various items that others do not allow you and are really good.

Once installed and activated,  you will have a new button in the WordPress text editor with which you can insert the code that you want.

You can also insert animated counters, tables, and price.

Although as I previously commented Easy Bootstrap Codes and Shortcode Ultimate outgrow it, can be a good complement to these.

CPO Shortcodes

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With this plugin also you can insert the basic codes that most users are looking for, such as columns, tabs, and boxes.

The truth is that compared to others it falls short. You have to insert shortcodes without  any customization, such as choosing size or color of a certain element. Because CPO shortcodes don`t have this feature.

I include it because it offers some codes that others don’t have and think it’s worth to share.

One of them is “section”, with which you can insert a colored page or item in your area.

Also, you will have a code to display a fairly attractive way the members of your company, employees in your blog Or pricing tables.


From the above four, I personally use Shortcode Ultimate. While others are also good, this is the one that offers more options when customizing the elements.

If it is fall short for you then a good option would be Olevmedia that allows you to insert elements which Shortcode Ultimate don`t have.

If you want to install several of these plugins make sure that both do not share the same codes, otherwise it might give you some conflict.

So these are the top free plugins for WordPress that we have today to make your post attractive. I hope you like this list, now it`s up to you to install, test and decide on the one that best suits your needs.

Are you using a plugin to insert shortcodes within your article? Please let me know that through the comment. And if you find these plugins are awesome then please share it with others.

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