51 Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Smart Internet Marketer

blogging tools

Tools are very helpful for bloggers. Because they improve your online activities in lesser time.

In one word they make you smart.

With the perfect tool, you can…..

Without them, I don`t think you will be able to convert yourself into a modern day blogger. Because as a blogger, you need to do so many critical tasks which I think impossible to complete without proper tools.

There are hundreds of free and paid blogging tools are available. From where you need to choose exact ones for you.

Here I made a massive list with some of the great tools for bloggers which can really turn yourself into a different internet marketer.

So, check it out.

List of Awesome Blogging Tools

Keyword Reasearch Tools for Bloggers

Keyword Planner

blogging tools

Keyword planner probably the first choice for a blogger to find profitable keywords. With google AdWord keyword planner you can track the monthly average searches and competition of any particular keyword.

You can also customize your keyword searching by adding custom period of time , monthly searches, location.

This is the free tool from google which is pretty awesome for a beginner.


Another great place for finding long tail keyword. Keywordtool.io is very easy to use and it works well.

You just need to enter your main keyword into the search box. In no time, you will get some awesome long tail keywords that you can use into your next post.

But one main issue that Keywordtool.io has it doesn’t show monthly searches and competition with its free version.

Longtail pro

One of the most powerful and popular keyword research tool. Within seconds, it can deliver hundreds of unique low competitive high search volume long tail keywords in your niche.

For a beginner, it takes hours to find some useful long tail keyword. With longtail-pro, you can save your times with keyword research.

LSI graph

LSI graph is a free online LSI keyword generator tool which can give you all the latent semantic indexing keywords that you need around your main keyword.

This is a free and one of the most popular blogging tools for LSI keywords. LSI graph also is damn easy to use just put your main keyword and it will come with best of results.

Tools for Blog Topic Analyzing

Google trends

Do you want to know that your blog post topic is popular or not?

Google trends is the solution for you. Just head over to the homepage and type your keyword to see how they are trending right now.

It shows the exact number of monthly searches for any phrases for a period of time.


If you want to know that which types of blog posts are more popular of any specific keyword then Buzzsumo is the best. It also shows the popular posts of any particular site.

Just need to enter the main keyword or blog URL.

All the information it gives is based on social shares. With its paid version you can also check the backlinks and social sharers information.


Quora is a Q & A based website which is a popular platform for bloggers. Here you can ask questions, give answers.

This one is also a great blog content generator place. Because here people came to know the solutions for their problems.

To be active with its huge audiences just search for a questions related to your site’s topic(s) and give in depth answers.

Image and Video Resources and Optimization Tools


Images are good for your blog posts but too many large sized images can also harm your site`s loading speed.

With TinyPNG, you can compress your large pictures into shorter sizes. You don’t need to worry because the quality of images remains the same.


You will need this one if you like to use own custom images within your blog post. Adobe Photoshop is an awesome offline tool for windows and mac.

It can make images for you which you can use without having any license issue.


An awesome place for online images . Here you will found hundreds of high-quality images for almost every keyword.

And the most beautiful part of that you don’t need to give any attribution or credit to use them for commercially. I use maximum numbers of images from Pixabay for my site.


Unsplash is another great place for blog images. You can download numbers of high-quality pictures from here to use on your blog.

All the photos are here under creative commons license that means you can use them commercially without giving any attribute.

TinyTake Screen Recorder

TinyTake screen recorder is a free software for screencast video and image capturing. It provides good quality while recording any screen videos.

It is free for a maximum of 5 minutes video recording. If you need more minutes than choose pro version.


Camtasia is the best screencast video recording tool among the professional video marketers. This is a paid tool which records high-resolution videos.

So if you need a quality screencast video recorder to make some tutorials then go with Camtasia.

Make a GIF

Make a GIF is a great blog tool for making gif images. You can make a GIF with multiple images and also from youtube videos.

In just three steps you can make a GIF. Just upload images or youtube videos , customize speed, and create.

MPEG Streamclip

I use it for cutting and streaming the videos. MPEG Streamclip is a free tool for both windows and mac operating system.

With this, you can play MPEG videos and convert them into different formats for online usage.


Canva is  an online photo designing tool to make custom images. With the help of its inbuilt graphics and others features, you can create beautiful images for blog post.

You can also make infographics with Canva.


Pickmonkey is As good as Canva. It is completely free and you can use it for unlimited image creation. It is also damn easy to use and I like it very much.

If you are using google drive then you can edit your photos direct with Pickmonkey.

Content Writing Tools for Bloggers


Grammarly is no doubt one of the best blogging tools that I have found. It is an absolutely must for those non-regular English writers like me(also). It solves countless spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Free version of Grammarly is doing good enough job but with paid one you can write almost error-free blog articles.

Hemingway app

This one is for making your writing more engaging and clear. It shows all the spelling and grammatical errors.

Hemingway app also highlights the unclear and critical sentences. From where you can solve them to make suitable for readers.

Shortcodes Ultimate

If you want to add tabs, rows/columns into your blog post then shortcodes ultimate plugin is for you.

You can also create a call out boxes within your article which is a pretty cool feature.


Buzzfeed is a new york based news and entertainment network company. Here you will find countless popular articles from different fields with great titles. If you need some unique headline ideas just go to BuzzFeed. From here you can get ideas of your desired title structure.


Plagtracker is a plagiarism checker tool which gives you the result of your articles uniqueness.

It scans the whole content and provides all the sources that look similar to yours. This way you can save your blog posts from any duplicate issue.


Tweakyourbiz is an online title generator tool for from where you can find an appropriate title for your blog post.

It provides hundreds of headline options in different categories like lists, best, how to and much more.

Open Live Writer

I have installed this recently on my laptop and I must say this is the best writing tools for bloggers.

This one is great for them who like distraction-free writing environment. It gives you a bigger screen and all the necessary options that you need to write.

It will definitely save your time thats for sure.

Seo Tools for Bloggers

Yoast SEO

This one is a must plugin for WordPress user. With this one tool, you can take off your title and meta, permalinks, sitemap, on-page SEO optimization.


Ahrefs is a complete backlink research tool. It gives you the power of getting all the information of links that coming to your site. You can also know where your backlinks are coming from.

But the unfortunate is that you have to pay for it.


One of the most popular SEO tool in the blogging world. Almost every pro blogger recommend Semrush on their blog.

This is a paid tool which is awesome for long tail keywords. Semrush is probably the most used tool among the bloggers to spy on their competitors. You can also check your backlinks accurately with it.


This is a backlink checker tool which I have found very useful. It is very easy to use and you can analyze your complete list of backlinks that pointing to your site.

You can also check others backlink too. It looks pretty accurate to me.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google search console(previously known as google webmaster tools) probably the most useful blogging tools provide by google itself. This is completely free to use.

It gives your websites indexing status, keywords ranking, search analytics etc.

Broken Link Checker

Broken link Checker is the best blogging tool to find broken links within your site. You can check your website`s links and if there any error occurred it will show you immediately.


This one is for spying on your competitor keywords. With the help of Spyfu, you can easily found profitable keywords that already helped your competitors to rank on google.

This is a free service and very easy to use.

Moz Bar

tools for bloggers

Moz bar helps you to know any websites page authority and domain authority. Its browser extension works great. Just download and install it.

There after whenever you browse any website it will show PA, DA, and social activity of that site.

Blogging Tools for Email Marketing


Mailchimp is one the best email marketing tools for bloggers which I found extremely useful. You can create multiple lists for your email campaigning.

Although it is a paid service but you can use it for free until your email subscriber crosses 2000.


This one is a free service powered by google for every webmaster. With Feedburner, you can burn your websites feed and make them more useful.

Feedburner is also can be used to send as the email newsletter  to your blog subscribers.


This is undoubtedly the best plugin to increase your email subscribers list.

Optinmonster helps you to create beautiful email signup form for your blog. It works with almost all the top email marketing services.


blogging tools for beginners

For creating attractive landing pages for websites and blogs it  is the best choice to go with. Leadpages is the #1 landing page creator which increases your subscriber list and sales.

Tools for Social Media


Buffer is one of the essential blogging tools for social sharing. This is an awesome way to post your contents on multiple social media sites with a single click.

With Buffer, you can schedule your multiple posts for auto posting on several social accounts.

Sumo Me

Specially used for integrating social media sharing buttons to your site. It also has some other services like pop-up email sign form, sticky bar to increase your email subscriber.

Click to Tweet

Click to tweet is a WordPress plugin which helps your articles to get more shares on twitter. This tool creates beautiful click to tweet boxes within your blog post. From there readers can simply click them to share on twitter directly.

Simply Measured

This tool is for social media analytics. It tells you the best time of the day to share posts on social media.

This way you can take the full advantages of social media traffic.

Blog Creation Tools


Most popular and useful platform for blogging. A large number of websites are built with WordPress.

Nothing is better than WordPress. Here you will have lots of customization options, plenty of free themes and plugins.


This is the Most affordable place for premium WordPress themes. There are lots of  quality themes from where you can choose your one.

You can either purchase a single theme or you can go with their membership plan.

You can buy MyThemeShop theme from here.


One of the best web hosting provider for beginners. Hostgator gives you the choice of selecting your blog hosting platform from different plans.

You can start with their cheap shared hosting plans.

Book your Hostgator WebHosting Plan. Use coupon code BLOGGERSCAMPUS25 to get 25% discount on every purchase.


It is a free FTP client which is a must have software for bloggers. It helps you to upload any files on your website from your computer without opening your Webhosting Cpanel.

Tools for File Storage

Google Drive

tools for bloggers

Google drive is a very useful tool for every webmasters and internet users. You can store your files such as sheets, pdf, images, audio, video in it.

Since it was operated by the google account so you can explore your files from any devices.


Evernote is an awesome place to store all your files. You can save here all the important images, web pages, audios and videos whatever you want.


This is a not only for bloggers but also for everyone to store their all important files on the cloud. Dropbox gives you 2 GB free storage.

For a blogger it is ver special place for backup files because all the backup plugin has the option to store the backup files direct to the dropbox.

Blogging Tools for Improvement


tools for bloggers

Crazyegg helps to know your reader`s engagement with your site. It shows how many visitors read your blog posts.

With the help of this tool, you can simply improve your blog’s readership.

Google Analytics

This one is for tracking your website’s traffic stats. It shows the most accurate numbers of visitors on your site compared to others.

Google analytics also shows where your readers are coming from, how much time they spending on your site, which browser they are using etc.


Buzzstream is for improve your outreach process. It helps you to build a healthy relationship with the influencers and increase your blog`s visibility on the web.

It is a paid tool but if you can afford then go for it will surely improve your blog traffic.


Similarweb is a fantastic website to know the amount of traffic your competitors are getting and their sources.

Free version is well but it gives you more analysis data to pro members. Although I don`t know how accurate it is.


So here is the ultimate list of blogging tools. I use almost every free version tools that I include above.

Try these. I am sure you will get good results and also these can save your time.

So, what are the other tools that I missed to include. Please let me know through the comment.

Happy Blogging

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

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