31 Basic Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners

blogging tips for beginnersAs a newbie blogger,  you need to focus on some of the basic tips to get success in blogging.

In this post, I made a list on some of those basic and must follow blogging tips for beginners. Before writing, I have done enough research on these points to see which will work best for you.

Finally, I came up with these….

   Writing Tips for Bloggers

blogging tips for beginners

1.Write long detailed article: Try to make your article long but it doesn’t mean that you can put worthless words to expand your post.

Write everything in detail. Just breakdown your article into headings, subheadings and describe them from every possible angle. Research has shown that long detailed articles always perform better on the search engine and social media.

2.Write for Readers: At the beginning don’t try to write only for the  search engine. Do not over optimize your posts just keep it simple for your readers. Write for humans not only for machines. If you make your readers satisfied then traffic will come one day. That’s for sure.

Write for humans not only for machines. If you make your readers satisfied then traffic will come one day. That’s for sure.Remember that readers=Traffic.

Remember that readers=Traffic.

3.Use long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are the most important element that you need to use in your blog post to rank higher easily on the search engine.

blogging tips for beginners

Use google keyword planner to find long tail keywords and use them properly. Use keywords in the title, in the URL,  at the beginning of your article(first 100-200 words is perfect), in your entire post and before ending. But don`t use one keyword too many time because keyword stuffing is a bad SEO practice.  1-1.5% keyword density

Do not use one keyword too many times because keyword stuffing is a bad SEO practice and it doesn`t help. A perfect keyword density will be between 1-1.5%.

4.Write catchy title: Most of the visitors will leave your site immediately if they don’t like article headline. According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy and only 2 will read the rest.

So, try to write an attractive and eye catchy title it will force visitors to click and read that complete article.

After selecting any topic give some time to make your headline attractive and meaningful.

An attractive headline also helps your article to get more share on social media.

5.Forget about copy paste: If you are thinking about copying articles from others blog then forget this stupid idea right now. It can give you some good result at the beginning but you cannot survive for longer period.

Copying others property is illegal in blogging and google will penalize your site soon.

blogging tips for beginners

Make it original otherwise, no one will read your articles.

6.Show your knowledge: Whatever you are going to write try to add your own flavor. People are always looking for new and unique stuff. Don’t repeat the same thing again and again.

7.Use Short paragraphs and sentences: Don’t use too long sentences or paragraphs on your blog post. Try to include short sentences with easy to understand words and make paragraphs with a maximum of 3-4 sentences.

Short paragraphs are always easy to read.

Authority blogs like Quicksprout, Backlinko always use short paragraphs on their every article.

blogging tips for beginners

Content Publishingblogging tips and tricks

8.Post Quality Content: Quality products has its own value. All the efforts on your blogging will go in vain if you don’t maintain quality in your every article. Don’t just looking for more posting what really matters is quality, not quantity.

You can read these 11 Great Articles that will teach you how to write a good blog post.

9.Update consistently: Make a routine for your blog article publishing and try to strict on that. If you are a beginner then try to publish at least once in a  week but remember do not post for quantity.

 For Getting Trafficblogging tips and tricks

10.Start commenting on others blog: This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks  from other blogs.

Start commenting on authority blogs in your niche. This way you will not only able to increase your blog traffic but it will also help you to build a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers.

11.Make images Seo friendly: Using SEO friendly images can help you to get some traffics from google image search. To  make images SEO friendly use alt tag and title tag. Include your main keyword as the alt tag for images.

You can do this by manually or use SEO friendly images plugin.

12.Make your every post easy to share: More social share will bring more traffic to your blog. That’s why you need to use quality social media sharing plugins to add social share buttons on your site.

blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Add share buttons in appropriate position to make it easy for your readers to share your article.

Digg-Digg, sumo me, jetpack are some of the most popular social media sharing plugins.

13.Give some time on Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking is also important for maximum exposure of your blog post. Use major bookmarking sites like; StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Dig, Delicious etc to promote your blog articles. But don’t try to spam. Share others link too with yours.

14.Give more time on promotion: No matter how good your article is if you can’t get maximum readers for them. That’s why after publishing every content it`s very important to give enough time to promote that.

Find the right places and give enough time on promotion for maximum result.

Make Perfect Appearancesblogging tips and tricks

15.Choose a quality theme: Lots depend on your blog theme. Try to select a perfect theme for your site according to your niche.

It is always good if you can afford to a premium theme. But there are also many useful free WordPress themes available  from where you can select your desired one.

16.Give a new makeover to your blog: After selecting a theme, it`s time to give a fresh new makeover to your site.

Make good use of your theme header, sidebar, and footer area. Organize all your blog labels on sidebar perfectly with recent posts, categories, social media follow icons, email subscription box, author box etc.

Good design always attracts more visitor.

Build Relationshipblogging tips and tricks

17.Make network: Start making a network with other bloggers. Stay connected through email, tweeter and by subscribing their email services.

If possible, buy products from their affiliate links. Share their articles on social media sites that you like.

After all blogging is all about networking so give it a priority.

18.Guest post is still alive:Guest Posting is an effective way to get quality backlinks to your site.

Writing for other popular blogs is not a bad idea. But you have to produce quality content to eligible for guest posting.

So give it a shot by making some quality articles and try to post them in authority blogs. This is an effective way to  make a statement in the blogging world.

19.Try to be a friend: Always keep in mind while writing a blog post that this is not your exam paper and you don’t need to write essay anymore.

Write in conversational format like you are talking to your best friend.

20.Tell the truth don’t be a liar: If your reader thinks that what you are trying to say is fake then your journey will stop immediately.

blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Don’t waste your readers time with invaluable words otherwise, they will never come back to your site. Always tell 100% original stories which will help them to solve their problems.

21.Add an about page: Don’t forget to add an about page on your site. Give all the details about you and your site into this page. Include who are you, what your site is and how your site will help others. It will be perfect to Add this page in your site header navigation bar.

22.Add Privacy Policy Page on your site: This is another important page for your blog. Let your readers and subscribers know that they are safe on your site.

A privacy policy page tells your readers that how you collect their data( email id, name, address, phone number) and what you will do with them.

A privacy policy page also helps your site to get google`s Adsense approval.

Tips for Improvementblogging tips and tricks for beginners

23.Read More: Reading, reading, and reading is the only way to learn more how to run a blog successfully and earn more money from your blog. Spent more time on others blog in your niche rather than yours. It will help you to know all the major tactics for free.

Make a list of some of the great authority blogs and follow them on a regular basis.

24.Follow Experts in your Niche: Doing new experiments on early in your blogging journey is not a perfect thing to do so. Follow successful bloggers and try to use their already tested rules.

25.Read blog comments on your niche: Reading comments on others blog is a great resource to find some idea to make your content better.

You will definitely find some new points which writer missed out in his post. Get those ideas and include them in your article.

26.Use Google analytics: You need an analytical tool to track your sites traffic. Because knowing your blog traffic statistics is important if you want to blog seriously.

Google analytics help you to know your target audiences and from where they are coming from.

It is the best analytical tool in the market today. So, install google analytics on your site from day one.

27.Learn Photoshop: In every blog post images are played a major role. Images can help readers to understand the fact more quickly. A picture is worth than 1000 words.

blogging tips and tricks

Photoshop can help you to make your custom images according to your post. Using your own custom image is also safe in terms of license issue. So learn photoshop and use your own made images.

28.Use tools like Buffer: Buffer is an auto machine tool which used to share old and new articles on all social media accounts. You just need to make an appropriate schedule with posts that you want to share.

Its free version is fair enough to share on facebook, twitter, and google plus pages

Make followersblogging tips and tricks

29.Make an appearance on every major social media platform: Use social media to make your blog go viral quickly.

Create pages for your site on every major social media platform and try to increase the list of followers. Share interesting and important stuff with your followers.

It is important to share your every article on all the social media accounts after publishing a blog post.

30.Build your email list: Try to build an email subscribers list on your site. More subscribers mean more success. Subscribers are the target audiences for your site.

Use an email subscriber service like Feedburner, Aweber, MailChimp and put a subscription box on your sidebar.

Although it is tough at the beginning but don’t stop and keep trying.

Conclusion: It is not possible to be an authority blogger within few days. It needs lots of hard and smart work for a period of time.

Yes, you can achieve a lot in lesser time with proper technics but it will not happen in a night.

All the above blogging tips and tricks are basic and also important if you are a beginner. Try to remember and use these. I am sure it will definitely help you to built a better blog.

Keep patience and keep blogging.

Don’t stop.

Let me know which other blogging tips that you want to include in the above list.

If you like my tips then please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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  1. Very nice read and it is actually very useful to us. Google Adwords and SEO Friendly Images are the 2 points one of my friends had mentioned but I hadn’t really noted then. Now that you have covered it, I recollect and will do the needful, including others ofcourse. Thank you 🙂

  2. Julian says:

    Hey Riju,

    Very nice set of tips there. Definitely helpful for the beginner blogger.

    It looks like you just started, eh?

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    Anyway, awesome post, Riju.

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  3. Hi Riju,
    Great tips for blogging.
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  4. Nestor Paul says:

    Wow, thanks for the great tips you got here. Some points are useful to me because some of it are new. I would love to adapt your tups to my blog. Thanks for sharing!

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