4 Best Domain Name Registrars in 2016

best domain name registrarsHello friends, today I am going to discuss on some of the best domain name registrars.

Domain registration is an important blogging lesson that you should learn before starting your journey.

This is the first step that you need to take to create a self-hosted blog. A domain name is the identity of your blog and also one of the main pillars of a blog.

So make sure you have the right one.

For this, you need a good reliable domain name registrars to host your website domain. Don’t just go with cheap services. There are also many other things that you should check before book your domain name.

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What is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is a website based company from where you can register your website domain name and manage them.

All of those are certified by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This is a non-govt and non-profit corporation which has the power of managing domain names.

Things to Know about Domain Name register Before select:

Plenty of things that you need to judge in a domain name registrar

i.Technical support: This is one of the major factors when comes to choose any domain hosting service. When you pay for something it is obvious that you will get high-level support if any problem occurs in future.

Make sure that company has enough supporting system like direct calling, live chat, email etc for their customers.

ii.Registration process: Does the registrar offer a simple and short registration process. A complicated process can be a tricky one for beginners.

iii.Payment Methods: A secure and easy payment method is the must for you because it is your hard earned money. Make sure that company accepts payment via PayPal, credit or debit card.

iv.Transfer out process: If you want to move your domain to another registrar then what will be the process?

Investigate all the hidden terms and conditions before made any selection.

v.WhoisGuard service: With WhoisGuard you are able to hide your confidential information like phone number, email id, fax, name from spammers.

WhoisGuard is the best way to protect your domain.

vi.Pricing: Cheap price is not so important when someone offers better services. But it can be judge able to compare with others. Just make it sure that they don’t have any hidden fees or extra charges.

4 Best Domain Name Registrars for Beginners

best domain name registrars1.Namecheap: Namecheap does not have the huge numbers of domains under its belt like others top level domain registrars has but it still among the best. It has approximately 504300 real satisfied customers.

According to Namecheap user reviews, it gets overall 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Namecheap voted as world’s most popular domain registrars by Lifehacker readers.best domain name registrars

Namecheap offers cheap domain name registration for its customers with one-year free WhoisGuard service.

They also give 2-month free private email service with every domain purchase.

Once you are registered through accepting their terms and conditions you will not be able to transfer your domain to another registrar before 60 days.

If you move to Namecheap then pricing is not far different from new registration but you will get positive SSL service at only 1.99$ for the first year.

You can see Namecheap domain registration features and pricing here.

Finally, their customer support service is awesome. You can contact them through live chat, email or by submitting a ticket.

best domain name registrars2.GodaddyWorlds largest and one of the best domain name provider by the number of domains booked under GoDaddy.

According to the domainstate report Godaddy leading with more than 50 million domain registration from around the world.

best domain name registrarsThey not only leading but also ahead by a huge margin from eNom which is second in this list.

Godaddy`s pricing is reasonable but they don’t give anything free like whois guard protection or private email id.

They provide 24/7 good customer support which is important for a beginner.

Here is also you cannot move away from GoDaddy to any other registrar within 60 days from registration.

The whole registration process is a bit more critical when you compare with  Namecheap.

Godaddy accepts several payment methods such as credit/debit card, PayPal, net banking etc.

best domain name registrars3.Name.com: With over 1.5 million registration today name.com is one of the best places to register a domain.

They are reliable and also a good supportive domain name registration site.

Price is not so high it’s pretty reasonable when compared to other top-level companies.

You can find all TLD domains from here.

No free WhoisGuard and email address services with the domain purchase. But you can grab all these with a minimum budget from name.com.

They provide simple registration process and you can make payment through PayPal or credit card.

best domain name registrars4.Gandi.net: Gandi.net-no bullshit.  Their tagline no bullshit which is really fit with their name. Because they provide everything that they promise.

Pricing is a little bit more than others but it includes free email services, 1 year free SSL certificate, 1 DotClear2 blog, private domain registration with every domain booking.

As you can see you don’t need to buy any other necessary services with your domain because they give you all free.

Domain transfer process is also easy and they provide premium quality technical support.

Gandi has over 1 million domain registration.

Conclusion: There are also some other promising and reliable domain registrars available today. But I don’t think you will need to go anywhere once you compare these four with others. That’s why I did not make this list too long for you.

In my knowledge, all these above are really awesome. They all provide quality support and services.

If you are looking to book a domain for the very first time then I will recommend you to go with namecheap.com.

That’s it, hope you found this post helpful.

Which one do you prefer as the best domain name registrars for a beginner let me know through the comment.

If you like my post then please share with your friends and colleagues.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

Will publishing on the weekend make me get more social activity?

 Recently the company of marketing and social analysis TrackMaven has published a new study (as already did with Facebook) where it shows some interesting data, and to take into account, on the post in blogs. The study points out that it is not the same to publish at one time or another (not one day or another), that the length of the title is important in the accumulation of a greater number of social actions, the impact that our posts can have on the Different social media … (Nothing new, Twitter and Facebook are still the kings of sharing and different social actions)


Colossal Content Marketing Report

Colossal Content Marketing Report

In that study, a total of 4,618 blogs were analyzed and whose post sum in the analyzed period reached 1,167,426 … and no less surprising the number of social actions accumulated: ¡1.915.428.305 !! Although truth be told, the analyzed posts are out of reach of the blogger on foot and that maintains his personal post or with a group of colleagues. Why do I say this? … because most blogs analyzed had less than 22.5 post a day and achieved an average of 2,250 social actions per post.


The days and hours that most post are published




The most published days on blogs analyzed are Tuesday (18%) and Wednesday (18%), followed by Thursday (17.9%), Monday (17.2%), Friday (15% 9%) and, finally, on Sundays (6.8%) and on Saturdays (6.3%).


So much more is shared these days, no? … no. The days of the week in which the most published are shared are Saturdays (18%), Sundays (14.6%), Tuesdays (14.1%), Wednesdays (14.1%) and Thursdays (14 , 1%), on Fridays (12.7%) and on Mondays (12.5%).


That is … 87% of the post were published in work days, but on Saturdays and Sundays are the days that accumulate (and in which we can get) more social activity.


As far as the hours in which more is published in the blogs, to indicate that this action is realized in the hours of work comprised between 9:00 and 18:00. From 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. is the hour in which the most is published and a peak is seen in the hour 00:00 – 1:00 which may have to do with the postings scheduled to be published the next day.


Over the hours that more social actions accumulate mention that it is completely the opposite with respect to the time of publication of the post. It is shared more outside working hours. The time between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm is the one with the most social actions.


87% of postings are published on workdays … but more shared on weekends


Looking for the title of the perfect post to be broadcast


As for the title of the post. Needless to say, the post titles have to be attractive to capture the attention of the reader … but also real and then have to do with the content of the post. Do not generate false expectations. The three words most used by the post samples were: new, you and your.


The most frequent titles of the sample have 40 characters … but what accumulate major social actions are those that reach the 60 characters. All titles that are outside this range have less social activity.


Post Title Length Distribution vs. Social Shares

Post Title Length Distribution vs. Social Shares

As for the question marks and exclamation marks:


94.89% of the sample post did not use question marks, but attention to the data: the 5.01% who did use question marks accumulated a social activity of 46.30%.

The 97.24% of the post analyzed did not use exclamation marks … and as a curious (and relevant) fact is that 0.1% included 4 exclamation marks in the titles of their post and achieved a social activity of 33.72%.

Post titles must be between 40 and 60 characters long


Where the posts move


What means accumulate more social activity of the analyzed post? … you can say that there is no surprise. Facebook accounted for 60.5% of social actions (33.8% were “Like” and 26.7% “Share”), Twitter followed with 38.6% and finally Pinterest (0 , 5%) and “Share” on LinkedIn (0.4%).


Social Shares by Channel

Social Shares by Channel



Spread your content several times: different days and different hours. Pay attention to weekends and hours outside the work day. (Remember: Most messages are posted on Tuesday and Wednesday, but social actions are concentrated on Saturday and Sunday)


Post titles that are between 40 and 60 characters. Using question marks will help you increase social actions.


It must be clear that there are not many who will get to your blog because yes. We need to rely on more than one social network to spread it.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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  1. Namecheap is my personal favorite. All my domain names are on Namecheap. They are better than Godaddy in terms of price and support. I’ve used both GoDaddy and Namecheap.

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      Thanks for your awesome feedback.

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