15 Best Android Blogging Apps That You Should Install Today

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Android apps completely changed the way we are using smartphones and tablets today. These apps are really awesome for doing things quite easily.

In the field of blogging, android apps are also very useful when you are not in front of your desktop or while on the go. You can complete your half-done tasks with the help of these blogging apps.

From content creation to promotion, android apps were made bloggers life easier than ever.

There are plenty of free android blogging apps available on google’s play store.

In this post, I am going to discuss on some of those apps which I think very important from a blogger`s point of view.

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Most Essential Blogging Apps for Android


If you just started blogging or thinking about to create a blog on Blogspot then Blogger should be the first android blogging app that you need to install into your smartphone.

It is very easy to manage your site from this app. You can edit and publish or update your Blogspot blog articles at any time from anywhere with blogger. You can also keep your eyes on blogs traffic statistics by using this app.

Blogger is the perfect Blogspot app for android if you are a beginner.


Best app for blogging if you are a WordPress user and running a self-hosted blog. This is the free official WordPress app.

WordPress app is quite capable of doing same things that you can do from a desktop or a laptop.

You can write your articles and publish them with this app very easily. You can also edit your published articles if needed to modify.

I personally use it to update my previously published posts.

WordPress is the all in one app to manage your site from a single place.


Tumblr is a popular blogging platform. This is actually a micro-blogging site. Who runs their blogs on this site for them it is an essential app.

Tumblr is also a useful app for bloggers who comes from other platforms. Because this is a great place for republishing your blog posts.

That’s mean if you are a WordPress blogger then you can also republish your posts at here. This way you can bring some traffic to your site.

This is why I think tumblr is one of the mus have blogging apps for every blogger.


Buffer is an auto machine tool which is very important if you want to stay active on social media sites.

With buffer app, you can share anything on your multiple social media accounts with a single click on same time. That’s why I think this one is one of the most important blogging apps for you.

You can share your blog posts on your facebook page, twitter account, and google plus page from one place.

With its free version, you can schedule your posts for future posting for a maximum of 3 social accounts. Pro version has much more options. I liked it very much because it saved lots of time.


We the bloggers were always thinking of something new to write in our next article. Sometimes topics came on our mind while on the go that’s where Writer app is so handy.

This app is for writing blog posts on your smartphone. Writer is a very effective blogging app when you are not in front of your desktop and you have something to write.

It’s distraction free writing feature made this app really useful for every blogger.


I already mentioned Flipboard on one of my post that it helps you to get  traffic to your blog.

Flipboard is used to curating content which is a good medium for finding targeted visitors for your site. You can also able to connect your social networking accounts from here and keep in touch while using this app.

Many pro bloggers using it. It is an interesting app to use and I personally like this one pretty much.

#7.Facebook Pages Manager

It is really necessary for every blogger to manage their facebook fan page for their site. Facebook page is a useful way to bring decent traffic into your site.

With the Facebook Pages Manager app, you can operate all your pages from a single place.

This app makes easier for you to share all your content on the facebook page and keep an eye on it.


Twitter is another important social media platform for every blogger to spread their blogs content with large audiences.

I personally like twitter app very much and I think it is one of the best android apps for blogging. Because I found it more useful than browse twitter on the desktop.

You can send tweets, follow, unfollow, like and retweets very easily by using this app.

Twitter app is more useful for its push notifications. It helps you to engage yourself with your followers. I believe that everyone should keep this one on their blogging apps list.


blogging apps

Stumbleupon is my favorite social bookmarking site and its app made it more especial. Most essential android app for bloggers according to me for social bookmarking.

By using StumbleUpon app on your smartphone you can do stumbling more comfortably. This app is fast and smooth than browsing StumbleUpon on desktop

You can like and stumble thousands of articles from around the web according to your interests with this app.


Pocket is a special android blogging app because it works without internet connection.

It is especially for reading articles when you are offline. You can add any article from any browser to this app to read it later.

Install this app on your smartphone and when you find anything interesting just add to pocket for offline reading.


Feedly is a must have android blog app for you to get all the latest post updates of your favorite blogs in a single place.

It lets you subscribe all the important blogs, youtube channels that you like and receive updates when new stories are published. Just do a search on it or you can add blogs for different categories from its own search panel.

You can also add multiple RSS feed addresses on it to read your favorite feeds. It is a feed reader app which is powered by RSS.

#12.Google Analytics

For a blogger, it is crucial to keep eyes on the website`s traffic regularly for improvement. That’s why apps like Google Analytics is so important. It helps you to track your site’s traffic statistics and give you a close look on your readers while on the go.

It gives you all the exact numbers that you need to know about your traffic. It is one of the best android analytical apps for bloggers.

You can see the unique visitors, page views, traffic sources, visitors locations and all the other important stats for a customarily set period of time.

To get the traffic info from app you have to install google analytics on your site first.

#13.Photo Editor

Images are the must for your blog post as you already know but well optimizing them is also needed. That’s why you need a tool that can help you to make your images well responsive.

Photoshop is good for desktop but when you are on your phone then I think Photo Editor app is awesome.

I must say that photo editor is a useful android blogging app.  You can resize, edit, add text, crop, adjust colors your photos to make it better for your blog posts.

#14.Google Drive

Google drive is a million dollar android blog app.

It is the place where you can store all your MSOffice document sheets, pdf files, images and videos safely.

You can easily access all those files and folders from anywhere which linked through same google account. It is very simple to use within seconds you can search your files.
It is fantastic when you need to transfer your files from one device to another.


Videos will be the next big thing for internet marketers. In coming years videos going to be also the most effective ways to increase blog traffic.

Youtube is the biggest store for online videos that’s why you need to take care of this seriously. With the official youtube app, you can watch any videos or upload more quickly and smartly.

This is the must have blogging apps for your smartphone if you want to take the advantages of youtube videos.


That’s it all the above-mentioned apps are much needed for every serious blogger. I personally use all of them on my smartphone .

Now it`s up to you.

Now let me know do you already have these android blogging apps into your smartphone or you have any other choice.

Please share your feedback through comment.

And if you like this post please don’t forget to share with friends and colleagues.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

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    this is a an excellent collection of android apps for blogger. i used some of this the app on this list. but after this post i have found some new and usefull apps for me..
    thanks buddy for sharing with us.
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