6 Powerful Tips to Becoming a Successful Blogger

becoming a successful blogger

Do you want to see yourself as a successful blogger?

Of course you do.

Then you have to follow few steps seriously.

Adding a tag of a blogger with your name is easy. But to be a successful blogger is not that easy my friend.

80% of the bloggers was not able to make 100$ with their blog. Over 90% of newbie blogger quit within a year.

Now, why the chances of being a failure are so high in blogging?

Because of few mistakes and some other issues.

I already covered what wrong bloggers do in the beginning. Today I am going to share a few tips which can help you becoming a successful blogger.

6 Tips To Becoming A Successful Blogger

#1.Make a Commitment

Commitment means commitment, there is no excuse.

Give a statement to yourself that you will never lose hope in any situation.

We all started with big dreams, but after a  few months, all the promises and positivity turns into negativity.

When you did not get enough result for your hard work you start losing interest.

That’s why I said that making a commitment is so vital. Ups and downs will come in your life, but never put your arms before the finishing line.

Here you need to show the Fighting spirit.

In the beginning, you will not get even 20 visitors a day.

Yes, you heard it right. Getting that much of readers is hard when you just started.

So at that time you need to focus on your work rather than expecting any big miracle. Give your hundred percent and never lose your hope.

If your content is good, then traffic will come one day that’s for sure.

Remember that blogging needs time and patience. All the successful blogger faced difficulties in their early life. They faced, they fought, and they win.

#2.Publish More

Does quantity matter?

Yes, it does.

Quality content is the king, but the quantity of your content is also important. If you are going to publish once in a month, I don’t think it will give you much result.

When I regularly post on my site, I saw a jump in my analytic graph.

Why you need to publish more?

Because it gives your readers a reason to come back again next day. This might be the easiest way to make some loyal readers for your blog.

After few days when they will see that you are giving more quality stuff to read consistently, then they will start subscribing your newsletter.

And you know that having an email subscribers list is awesome.

Also when you publish more, you suddenly have more topics to share on social media. I will give you guarantee that if you post more new things on social media, then it will give you more traffic.

Another good reason to publish more is you will have more pages on your site. More pages mean more chances of getting visitors from search engine. Google also love regularly updated sites.

Study have found that site those publish more than 16 article in a month receive more traffic than those who publish less.

#3.Give Priority to Social Media

how to become a successful blogger

Social media is an unseparated part of blogging. Today many sites are receiving more traffic from social media than other platforms.

Especially if you have a new blog then getting social traffic should be your first priority.

Because it takes times to get traffic from Google. In the first few months, you will hardly see any major organic traffic on your site.

This is the time when social media can actually save your life.

Make a personal account and pages for your site on all the major social media site. Especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn I found very helpful.

These platforms had the enormous amount of active users. If you are lucky enough then your content can go viral in no time.

You just need to active on every platform. Share articles through social media account 3-5 times a day.

You can also use social media ads to promote your blog. It can definitely give you some quick result. I found Facebook ad is very cheap and effective.

#4.Guest Posting

It is incredible. Guest posting can give you great positive results straight away.

By guest posting, you can easily create a healthy relationship with influencers.

This is an excellent way to build quality backlinks for your site. When you write for another site your target should be to pointing out one or two backlinks from that article.

Another good thing is that it can give you a decent amount of traffic.When a post of yours published on popular blogs, it can quickly spread your name throughout the web.

Believe me, a couple of quality guest post can bring more result then posting 50 posts on your own site.It makes you a well-known name in your industry.

To post as a guest, you should first find few relevant blogs.

Finally, few things to remember:

  • The article should be related to your blog topic.
  • The readers of that blog must love your subject.
  • The blog should have more traffic than yours.

#5.Learn SEO Everyday

First of all, you should know that you cannot learn SEO in a single night.

SEO is a long-term course, and you have to be consistent to acquire new things every day.

There are two types of search engine optimization techniques that you need to learn:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO

On page SEO is optimizing your blog post before publish.

It includes keyword placing, meta description, interlinking and outbound linking, permalink setting, heading tags, etc…

Off page SEO specially dedicated for link building. Yes, backlink remains the most important search engine ranking factors.

You should have quality do follow backlinks from high authority sites to rank higher.

You can build backlinks by commenting, guest posting, web 2.0

These are not so hard to learn, but you have to practice on daily basis.

keep reading SEO related articles from authority sites and apply them on your ite.

#6.Make Blogger Friends

Yes it is crucial.

Making network is very demading for online business.

What happens when you make bloggers friends.

They will start sharing your content on social media. You will not be able to get high amount of traffic if your content doesn`t shared on social media.

When yoiu publish anything on your account or page, it will be only visible to your friends and followers mainly. A couple of shares can double or triple your traffic immedeately.

That is why making friends to get success in blogging is so important.

Facebook and Twitter both are the awesome platform to build a relationship with others.

But at first, you should be kind enough. After get connected with anyone, start sharing their work.

After a few days, you will see that your content start getting shares and comments.


That’s it I hope you understand that where you need to concentrate on becoming a successful blogger.

If you want to share your thought on this topic, feel to give your feedback through the comment.

And finally if you like this post then please share with your friends and colegues.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

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