How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console for a WordPress Blog

add sitemap to google

After creating a new blog on WordPress your next target will be to come on google`s search results. But don`t know how?

Well to fulfill this target you need to take some little steps.

At first, you should add sitemap to google search console(previously known as google webmaster tools)

Google search console is a free service that google offers to every webmaster to maintain their sites appearance on google`s search results.

By adding blog sitemap, you are actually helping google bots to crawl and index all your old and new updated contents quickly.

Quick note about sitemap

A sitemap is a list of your sites all pages which tell search engines about your content.

Sitemap has two versions XML and HTML. Today sitemaps are published in XML format for submitting on search engines. It also informs search engines about all your new and updated posts.

If you want to know more on sitemap then read this Wikipedia article.

How to create Sitemap for  your site

Ok, now I hope you  know what a sitemap actually is. Now you need to create your site`s sitemap.

There are many different ways to create sitemap for your WordPress site. You can create it online by clicking this link

But here the problem is you can only able to create a sitemap for a maximum of 500 pages. If your site exceeding that limit then you have to pay for next sitemap creation.

Wait, why you should pay for the same thing when free options are available.

By using WordPress plugin, you can do this free.

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then you can create a sitemap with a single click.

Hope you already installed this plugin because it is very useful in terms of SEO.

But if you still not using it I highly recommend you to install and activate. You can read this article to know how to use Yoast WordPress seo plugin properly.

  • To create sitemap go to Yoast SEO>XML sitemap from WordPress dashboard.

add sitemap to google

  • Now check the box to enable XML sitemap functionality. Click on XML sitemap and your sitemap will create  instantly.

You can also use other XML sitemap plugin separately but it does not require because Yoast SEO is enough.

Jetpack has also now added sitemap creation feature to its latest update. Which is also an useful free WordPress plugin.

Step By Step Guide on How to Add Sitemap to Google Search Console

So, I hope you have created your XML sitemap successfully.

Let`s submit it to google search console.

First, you need to make sure that your site ownership was verified on google. To check this go to google search console dashboard and see is your site present there or not.

If already verified then you can skip this step and just add the sitemap. I will come on this later in this post.

And If you really want to re-verify it then you have to choose a different verification method. You will unable to use the same method for a single site to verify site ownership on google.

I don’t think it will require if your site was verified once before. It`s over to you.

But if you can`t see your site on google search console dashboard that means you have to  verify it now.

Verify Site Ownership

add sitemap to google

  • Next, put the complete URL of your site and click on add property.

In this page, you will find verification methods.

Googles recommended HTML file upload into the homepage of your site.

We will, not choose this because there are other alternate and  easier methods available.

  • Click on alternate methods and choose HTML  tag option.

add sitemap to google

Once you click on HTML tag you will find the complete meta tag file here which you need to upload on your website. Leave this page open.

You can add this meta tag file by the two different ways

Using theme editor:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard>appearance>editor.
  • Open header.php file from the right sidebar. If you are doing this for the first time then please copy all header.php file on your notepad for backup.
  • Now put the whole meta tag file into the head section of header.php and click on update file.
  • Go to meta tag file page and click on verify. A message will appear that your site is now verified.

Using WordpPress Plugin:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard>SEO>general
  • Click on webmaster tool tab

add sitemap to google

Here you will see four different boxes to verify ownership on four different search engines.

  • Put the main meta tag content without commas into google search console box and click on save changes.
  • Go to met tag page and click on verify. That’s it your verification is completed.
Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

Your site is now verified so now you can add sitemap to google.

  • Go to again google search console dashboard.

add sitemap to google

  • Click on crawls and then sitemap

add sitemap to google

  • Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP and put the sitemap URL which you have created little while ago.
  • Click on submit sitemap.

Finally, the whole process is done.

Google will take some time to index your site. It can take few days so wait for that.

You can check your sites indexing result by going to search console dashboard or from the google search.

Just type into google search. Replace yoursite with your own domain name.

If you are a WordPress user then I hope you enjoy this complete step by step guide on how to add sitemap to google.

This is the first important step that you can take to appear on google search results. You can also read this case study of how to index your site in google search in 24 hours from

Similarly, you need to submit your sitemap to other search engines  webmaster tool. I will come with that in near future on my site.

Till then keep blogging.

Let me know through the comment if you find any trouble in this entire process.

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