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I am Riju Debnath a blogger from Assam, India. I am the owner of BloggersCampus.com.

Blogging is my passion and I want to turn this passion into my profession.

I blog because I like writing and love to share my knowledge with others. I also love to spending my time on the internet.  Computer and smartphones are my girlfriends. I also love to stay busy on social media networking to make friends and stay connected with them.

BloggersCampus is not my first blog though previously I owned two other blogs but I stopped them because I think this is the right niche for me.

I always love to read articles from blogging and internet marketing related sites and my feeling is that I can also write and do the same thing.

This way I can also able to help beginners to start and run their blogs. Helping others is a great thing and I love to do that. It makes me feel proud.

About Bloggerscampus


Bloggerscampus.com is a blog where you can find all the tips to improve your blog.

This site is for bloggers like you who want to learn the new things every day related to blogging.

Bloggescampus is specially dedicated to the newbie bloggers who want to start or recently started their blogging journey.

Here I write 100% original and valuable topics which can help every newbie bloggers.

Topics that You Can See on Bloggerscampus:

  • How to write quality content
  • How to bring more traffic to your blog
  • How to make money from blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization tips
  • Social Media optimization strategies

I only write those things which I know most. Here I apply the formula of keep learning and keep sharing.

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