11 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers that You Need Most

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Which browser do you use often while working on the internet?

A large number of users will say google chrome.


This is very obvious because google chrome is the most used browser today and its extensions make it more useful. There is no doubt on that google chrome extensions are really awesome. For every internet user specially for bloggers, these easy to add-on extensions make life easier.

Google chrome extensions are kind of browser extension software which transform or modify your google chrome browser.

I am a big fan of chrome extensions.

There are thousands of useful extensions available in every category from where you can choose your one. You can download these extensions from google chrome web store.

If you are a newbie blogger then you don’t need search for best options. Because I am going to cover all the required chrome extensions for bloggers in this post.

So hang on.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a must have chrome extension if you are a writer and want to write error free articles. Doing mistakes while writing is a basic thing which every beginner does.

Grammarly shows all the spelling and almost all grammatical mistakes. As we all know that how important it is for a blogger to write articles without any grammatical mistake.

Grammarly is the most useful tools for bloggers to make correction of your writing mistakes. Free version is doing its job wonderfully but if you want to use complete features then go for Grammarly premium.

By adding Grammarly chrome extension to browser you can avoid these mistakes very easily. Not only for blog post but also it makes correction of all the mistakes while writing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail and almost everywhere on the internet by using chrome.

2. Buffer:

Social media is the best option to get traffic to your blog without SEO. There is no doubt about that.

That`s why social sharing is an important matter for every blogger. Buffer is an auto machine tool for improving your social media appearance.

For a blogger, it is obvious that you should own multiple social profiles and have to be active on every platform. With Buffer, you can post on multiple social media platforms with a single click at a time.

Buffer mainly used by bloggers to schedule their posts for auto future posting for a period of time.

Buffer chrome extension makes it easy for you to share and schedule everything for your multiple social media profiles.

Just click on buffer extension icon from the upright corner of the browser and do everything you want with ease.

3. Stumbleupon:

Social bookmarking is crucial for bloggers to bring decent referral traffic to their site.

There are many good social bookmarking sites available but I found Stumbleupon is the best. This one is an effective place for promoting your blog post.

With StumbleUpon chrome extension you can stumble all your interested articles direct from the browsing page.

If you find any article that is shareable then just click on StumbleUpon extension icon. After that like the page and click on stumble. That’s it.

4. Pocket:

Pocket is for bringing all your favorite web pages from online to offline.

As a blogger, you need to read so many articles from different places to learn new things every day.

With pocket chrome extension you can view everything later freely while offline.

Once you are into your interested page then just go to the app icon and click. It will automatically save that page for offline. You can also view them from any computer or mobile device.

5. Moz Bar:

This one is very useful not only for bloggers but also for every webmaster.

Moz Bar shows the page authority and domain authority of any page or site.

So with Moz bar chrome extension you can keep one eye on any site`s PA and DA. With a single click, you can view all the data while you are on that page or search for any keyword on google.

With pro version, you are able to collect even more page level info.

6. Keywords Everywhere:

chrome extensions for bloggers

Free keyword tool for bloggers to see monthly search volume and CPC of any keyword at almost everywhere in chrome.

You can watch monthly search volume and cost per click data of any keyword’s on different websites. It works on ubbersuggest, google search console, soovle etc superbly.

It will save your minutes by showing all the data on multiple places. You can also watch all these directly from keywords everywhere by searching keyword manually.

It also works at google searches related to area.

7. Alexa Traffic Rank:

chrome extensions

Alexa ranking is an useful way to judge any site how popular that is. I think as a blogger you should know Alexa rank of your own and competitors blog.

Although you can check anytime from any browser by searching each site manually to see their Alexa rank. But if you are a chrome user then you can save your time by adding Alexa traffic rank extension.

With a single click, you can see the Alexa rank, sites linking in, load time data of any website.

This is the official chrome extension from Alexa.

8. Screencastify:

chrome extensions for bloggers

Videos are getting popular with the time. So as a blogger you should also start creating videos to stand out from the crowd. Screencasting tutorial videos are very popular and useful for bloggers.

To create screencast videos you can use Screencastify chrome extension. Screencastify is a simple and clean screen video recording tool for bloggers.

With Screencastify chrome extension you can record screen videos inside a browser tab and also on your desktop screen.

It records videos as webm/vp8 files with quality audio.

Once you have created videos then you can store them on your hard drive or upload them direct on Youtube or Google drive.

9.  LastPass:

best chrome extensions

LastPass is one of the most popular password manager software.

As  a blogger, you need to remember hundreds of passwords and usernames. By adding LastPass chrome extension you can forget those passwords and usernames. Just one password you need to remember that is LastPass Master Password.

You can save all your passwords here and can be accessible from any devices. That’s why this free chrome extension is so handy for every blogger and internet user.

10. Scribefire:

I think this one is a must for every blogger. Writing in it’s simple environment will definitely help you.

Scribefire chrome extension gives you the power of editing all your old and existing blog posts to make changes.

You can also publish your WordPress, Blogger blog articles from directly here. You can also add desired categories, tags to every post from here. There is also blog post schedule feature available in it.

That’s why I must say this is a simple and very useful software for every blogger.

11. Checker Plus for Gmail:

Do you have Gmail account?

Of course, you have.

Then checker plus for Gmail chrome extension is a must for you.

Once this extension is added to chrome then you don`t need to open Gmail account manually to view all your new mails. It will show you automatically all your incoming mails on real time.

Checker plus for Gmail shows you all incoming mails with customized voice on your computer screen while you are busy in other work. From there you can  view full messages with a single click.


As you can see that all the above-mentioned chrome extensions can able to make bloggers life really easier.

I have already added all theses to my browser and you can also use them. I hope it will help you to improve your productivity and save your time.

I know you have already added many chrome extensions. Just let me know about them with a comment.

Happy blogging.

Riju Debnath

Riju Debnath

Hello Friends, I am Riju Debnath owner of BloggersCampus. Here at BloggersCampus I Write about Blogging, SEO, How to get traffic, How to make money from blogging plus all the necessary blogging tips.
Riju Debnath

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8 Responses

  1. Utham says:

    Great post.. But, More extensions can slow the browser.

    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hi Utham,
      Yes, I agree with you but these extensions are really helpful for bloggers.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Marty says:

    Thanks for sharing the extensions. I mostly use Firefox for normal browsing, but for my blog optimization I use various Chrome extensions as they provide much reliability and provides with with ease of work.

  3. Solidworks says:

    Nice! Some new extensions have been added to my Chrome. Thank you

  4. Very helpful posts, for me best extension is Grammarly. It helps you to furnish your writing. But I must admit other ones are very useful as well.

    Great Post.
    Priyam Baksi recently posted…8 Phenomenal Chrome Extensions that will Change your Blogging ExperienceMy Profile

  5. Hi Riju,
    Grammarly is one of the best that no blogger can live without
    BTW nice post.
    Happy diwali.
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…Whatsapp Video Call – How To Enable IOS AndroidMy Profile

    • Riju Debnath says:

      Hi Prince,
      Yes, you are right Grammarly is a must have chrome extension for bloggers. Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Posting on social media networks manually is a really hectic job, So I think Buffer is a good alternative for that.

    I never knew all these extensions exists, and they can make a blogger’s life way more easy.


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